Merlin Tickets, Official Ticketing Partners

white label booking site

The booking site was designed with continuity in mind when navigating from the conferences’ main website.

As part of our commitment to improving our online ticketing system, we recently ran a live trial with Mid-Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce (MYCCI) to provide online booking, check-in and delegate badge printing for their largest annual event, the Kirklees Business Conference.

Our objective was to pilot some of our newly developed tools in a live setting, and demonstrate the overall effectiveness of managing larger events with the Merlin system. In order to get the most out of the event and be to be there at ‘the sharp end’, two of our team attended as the official ticketing partners and manned the registration desk.

wireless ticket redemption

Alex wirelessly scans a ticket, while volunteers prepare the delegate badge and hand out visitor packs

Starting with a branded and AA compliant booking site (select ‘Buy Tickets’ here), we took hundreds of advance bookings in the weeks and months leading up to the event. We also used the Merlin ‘Sessions’ Add-On feature to allow attendees to register for a limited number of seminar spaces as part of the booking process, and sent out automated e-tickets to all guests.

Armed with student volunteers on the day, we created a two-stage check-in process in order to minimise waiting time while producing delegate badges in real-time.

ticketing made simple

Alex (Left) spends a few minutes explaining our system to the volunteers while Owen (Right) assembles a delegate badge

On arrival, a typical guest would produce their ticket or confirmation email to be scanned by one of our greeters equipped with a tablet and 2D scanner, and asked to proceed to the next desk. Where guests did not have a ticket, a built-in search function could find bookings, or new registrations could be processed from our laptop, or by the attendee’s mobile phone.

By the time the delegates reached the welcome desk, a personalised lanyard had been printed and assembled together with an information pack for the day. Using this process we were able to personally greet all guests to the event by name.

Delegate badge printing

Badges were prepared in advance, with name badges printed and inserted on arrival

Overall, the day was an excellent opportunity for us at Merlin to appreciate the capabilities of our system first-hand. We successfully admitted hundreds of delegates with minimal delays, eventually honing the process to be managed by a single attendant. It was our honour to be the official ticketing partner of MYCCI for the day and we look forward to serving similar events in future.

GDPR – Your quintessential last minute panic guide


What is it?

GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation; which will replace the standards set within the Data Protection Act. This new regulation sets guidelines for the responsible use of personal data of EU Inhabitants, and seeks to empower individual rights where private data is collected and used.

When does it take effect?

The regulations were adopted on 27th April 2016, with a two year transitional period before the changes become enforceable. By the 25th April 2018, all companies who hold and use personal data must be compliant to avoid potential penalties.

What penalties are involved?

For major breaches, maximum fines can total €20 Million or 4% of annual global turnover, whichever is greater.

How will it affect the data I hold?

Assuming you want to avoid the penalties, conforming to GDPR will require you to review the type of information held about your customers. Essentially, you may only hold information which the data subjects have unambiguously consented to you using, for the explicit purposes they have agreed to.

The exception to this rule is where the data controller has a lawful basis for processing, such as to fulfil a service agreement or contract, or where data is collected for an express purpose – such as for gift-aid claims.

How will it affect my customers?

As with the Data Protection Act, GDPR gives your customers the right to access the information held about them, in addition to the purposes for which the information was collected. Your customers will also have the right to be forgotten, meaning that any data records held must have the potential for deletion or total anonymisation or pseudonymisation..

What will be the benefits of GDPR?

As a result to the extra controls put in place, GDPR stands to improve the quality and relevance of marketing information each of us receive on a daily basis, as well as protecting our private information from unlawful collection and processing.

Do you have any questions about becoming GDPR compliant within your Merlin systems? Feel free to call our team on 01226 294413