Basic Branding Guidelines: Avoiding the ‘Marketing Trap’!

Going around the region as I do when networking I meet many new and small businesses. What I find quite incredible is how many of them have paid for ‘branding’ and a website and yet fallen into that old trap of ‘First Impression’

What I mean by that is that they have concentrated on having a snazzy name and a great logo but then not carried it through to the rest of their public presence.

How many do I see with: then followed by or worse

Having paid money to obtain the URL to maintain the brand they are trying to create, why do they then not then take it a step further by adding an e-mail address to it i.e.

In addition the only telephone number on their business card is a mobile.

If we look at the old adage “only one chance to make a first impression” what do those two ‘mistakes’ say about the business – and mobile number only?

One person company working from home. Is that the first impression they’re trying to create? I suspect not but yet they have “done the branding”!

Why is it that so many new and small businesses think that branding is a snazzy name and a great logo?

It’s far more than that and needs complete lateral thinking.

To obtain a regional telephone number i.e. 03?? is relatively cheap and can be taken wherever you go. Link that to a call handling service and already your ‘first impression’ is of a much larger company. So, if it’s that simple, why are so many new businesses making the same mistakes? Is it the fault of the start-up agencies who should be giving some guidance on first steps? Is it the fault of the various marketing agencies who, when pressed for a cheap price take the soft option? Is it the fault of the business owner for not doing their research properly before signing up to this new branding initiative? Truthfully I think it’s a bit of all three, but whichever way you look at it many businesses are not getting the best advice and support when it comes to basic marketing techniques.

Call me old fashioned, I did my Marketing Diploma over 40 years ago now, but some things don’t actually change and being a bit ‘savvy’ about branding and presentation hasn’t changed, so come on you support people and do what it says on the tin – support!! Common sense, fully rounded branding shouldn’t cost any more to produce, but yet will have a lot more impact and resilience.

P.S. Don’t forget the back of the business card too, use it to explain your ‘benefits’.

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