The ‘Social Media Journey’

Often, when people are composing blog posts to display on their websites or share throughout their social media channels, they are seeking to demonstrate their expertise and showcase their knowledge within their chosen field. We are no different, of course. Social media gurus suggest that such activities help establish trust throughout your potential customers (and provide reassurance to your existing customers that, in selecting your services, they made the right choice – not just for today, but for the future).

The truth of this line of thinking is pretty self-evident: one only has to reflect upon our own experiences as consumers to find confirmation of it. A supplier who demonstrates their knowledge regarding the item or service you are looking to purchase is surely most able to answer any questions we may have regarding our own applications for said item or service.

When we post regarding ticketing and visitor attraction management, this is unquestionably the case’ having worked within the sector for a great number of years and, during this time, forging long and fruitful relationships with a wealth of attractions up and down the country (and beyond).

This post, then, is admittedly somewhat of an anomaly.

Today – and over the coming weeks – I wish to fly in the face of conventional wisdom and discuss, not something at which we are exceptional, but something with which we have had less success.

The title of the post may have already alerted you to this topic: social media, or, if you will, our “social media journey.”

As businesses, regardless of which sector we occupy, we are largely united by (among other things) the need to “be on” social media; to “maintain our social presence”.

But what does that mean and how do we do it?

An excellent question. As with most things we do, when faced with such a conundrum we viewed the situation practically by asking the obvious questions:

“How do other people do it?”

We conducted research and gained an understanding of what others – both within our field and outside it – were doing and, this done, we dipped our toe into the murky waters…. with limited success.

Next step: seek advice.

Nobody needs to be told that there is an abundance of information about social media, I’m sure. Some of the options we investigated were as follows (although I’m sure there are others):

– online services (articles, blog posts, YouTube videos)

– consultants (enlisting the help of agencies, following ‘influencers’ online via their own social media channels, utilising algorithmic data analysis packages)

– employees (appointing somebody with a relevant qualification)


How does one measure social media success, though?

Statistics? OK. Our charts and diagrams clearly showed that our engagement was up! Through the roof, compared to our previous endeavours. Fantastic, right? We felt brilliant! Evidently our strategies were working brilliantly.

The only slight issue, though, is that – to the best of our knowledge (although our research has admittedly not been exhaustive in this regard) – bar graphs don’t purchase ticketing solutions. I know! Who knew, right? Neither (hold on to your hats here…) do page: impressions, follows, likes or even retweets!

(To be continued!)

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