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" Claim back 25% from HMRC and add it directly to your bottom line with little effort "

What can we do for you

Merlin has developed a total solution with hundreds of features to allow you to take control of your venue!

Merlin is the name of our award winning retail and charity management system, installed in a wide variety of museums, charity shops and visitor attractions throughout the UK. Thanks to our Merlin software solution, our customers have claimed thousands in Gift Aid, meaning that their systems are able to 'pay for themselves' (i.e. generate enough Gift Aid revenue to completely offset their cost) in a relatively short period of time.

25% for free

Gift Aid from donations can enable you as a charity to claim back 25% directly from the governments Gift Aid scheme which is paid directly into your account within 21 days from the day you claim. Merlin takes care of all the stages from accepting donations and logging them, creating barcodes to track sales and applying for the gift aid funds all from within Merlin.

HMRC compliant

Our software fully complies with the HMRC rules and regulations at the point of sale to online sales. As an in house development company we are always updating our software to fully comply with all the latest legislation and rule changes so you know you're always covered if an audit is due.


When accepting donations Merlin allows you to take the users details and Gift Aid eligability at the same time. This then allows you to sort the items and add barcodes which makes selling the items and claiming and extra 25% easy as it is all electronically recorded. As the user details are saved, letters or emails can be sent out to confirm the person who donated.

Volunteer friendly

Our system is made with volunteers in mind. It has an easy to use interface with minimal buttons making it clear to use for all technology levels. Training is provided in full and simple to use user guides are also provided.

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