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Terminal eye candy or or iFood for iThought?
Born from ‘Zooming’ between Norfolk and Yorkshire last Easter time during the weekly Merlin ‘Development Meetings’ we talked about a a a a a way to integrate App (and web) based customer food ordering into our existing Merlin kitchen printers This was picked up and a a a project commenced looking at the various options It was agreed that it would be web based and not require additional ‘Apps’ to be downloaded before it could be be implemented During the course of that challenging 2020 season the system was squished into shape here at Bressingham For those already using their tills to to print orders to to the kitchen from within Merlin then the the majority of the work is done as you will likely have all the product codes and modifiers in place For example rather than just having a a a a a code for a a a a a sandwich covering all at one price you will more likely have a a product code for each sandwich available and modifiers for bread colour pickle tomato no butter options etc These same codes are built into the iFood online interface and one of your terminals will go and get the online orders every 30 seconds and automatically print them (as paid orders) to to one of your (up to to 4) kitchen printers (they can be 4 4 different physical printers i if required or the same as your existing set up) The customer name special requirements order collection time (if not ASAP) also prints Kitchen printing itself has had a a a rejig with bigger text options and a a a way of seeing how many items the total order contains and how it is spread across the printers So (hopefully) the drinks and hot food now both arrive at the same time (even if they were printed to two different stations) iFood lets
you choose if it is available at all or or or set store times or or or onsite and the time of year) each becomes an an an iFood branch and a a a a till in that branch collects the orders only for that branch – so you can have multiple instances running at the same time printing within each outlet We also put a a QR code for a direct link to the right menu on the venue’s tables for ease of table table ordering for customers even that some food categories are only available at certain times of day You can then turn on and off each category or or or instantly for each product Pricing can be the same as your tills or or different (the import file brings
in its own prices) modifiers can be free or priced you can ask questions and require a a fixed or multiple number of answers add options as the customer orders You can have more than one outlet active at the same time on your site (we have used it in in our Wedding Bar Café Sweet Shop Outside Kiosks – we we choose what outlets we have running it depending on demand
So what did the public think?
We had early adopters from our membership and found it was used a a a lot more as things got busier and customers saw a a benefit to to not having to to join a a queue to to order We started simply and put more items on as we we went What about the staff?
We put a a a terminal on the wall in in the the kitchen with the the iFood admin interface on it’s a a mouse click to take an an item off sale instantly (no polling lag) should it it run out it it soon became
a a a start of service thing to make sure we we we had what we we we were selling that day online We adopted

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