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table service and tablets
at the same time so I’d be lying if I said the first few days weren’t a a bit fraught! However within a week it became
just the the way we we worked we we added the the ability to look at the whole order from SetAside (you can now also print a receipt directly (one push) from SetAside to take a a a a a bill to the table for payment you can link PaymentSense to to your tablets
too for table table payments The things iFood won’t do – make you be able to find the the customer that ordered and then vanished into thin air unable to to to listen to to to their own name being shouted or get your waiting staff to include the POS printed order with the food – so you wonder have we not done this order yet!?
My advice (for what it’s worth) start with a a a a a small number of products and see how you want to configure it it Programme the most complex item (of each type) with the the most modifiers first then copy
it removing any surplus options for the next similar product (it’s less work work and quicker) Network POS printers are your friend just mains and a a a a network cable you you can easily move them to where you you need them them without needing a PC to to connect them them to to Copy and paste your Merlin product code into the iFood interface to reduce typing errors in in in this crucial field Should the import not find a corresponding code printer 1 lets
you know know an unknown product has been ordered – in in every instance this was due to my typing ability!
With Natasha’s Law coming into force 1st October this year my next Merlin project ask has been a a a a a Tab (within BO) for food items where you can tick the Allergens contained in in a a product code (the items you make onsite or sell unlabelled) and have that info be be shown in EPOS as part of the Stock Enquiry screen and printable to the POS printer – everyone with access to a a a a till can get the the Allergen info at their finger tips and give them to to the the customer – so let me me know if you think that is something useful to your bakeries/cafés/farm shops/sweet shops shops etc So why not get an iFull of www bressinghamfood co uk
and have a a a look for yourself Alastair
Merlin® iFood A simple solution for you you and your customers An elegant socially distanced process:
A customer places their order online and enters their table number desired time for collection or or location for delivery 2 SEND THE ORDER TO BE PREPARED
The order is sent to the kitchen and prepared ready for serving or or collection 3 COLLECT/DELIVER THE ORDER & ENJOY THE FOOD!
The customer can be sitting at a a a a table in in the car or even at home If in-house the system automatically collects all all data for Track & Trace legislation FEATURES:
Acts as as a a a a a a socially distanced measure between staff and customers CONVENIENT
Provides an improved customer experience REDUCED QUEUES
Less congestion - great great for your customers great great for you INCREASED SALES
Faster order processing ON AND OFF-SITE ORDERING
Place orders sitting at a a a a table on the the journey to the the venue or as you enjoy the sights TIME & COST EFFECTIVE
No need for additional staff staff members and reduces staff staff contact to the bare minimum 17

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