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Hello everyone and welcome to the latest issue of our magazine Once again we are in in a a a a a a a a a state
of of change and flux The great ‘open day’ of of 19th July seemed a a a a a a a bit of a a a a a a a damp squib in some cases as as TFL decided that all bus and and train travel in in in the city would be subject to mask wearing and and social distancing for for the the foreseeable future For the the rest of us mask wearing has now become discretionary and this is is is despite the daily infection rate growing steadily with it it it already past 50 000 new cases a a a a a a a a day In addition our neighbours in Wales and and and Scotland have set their own targets and and and restrictions which causes confusion to anyone crossing the borders Having started to to travel around again I notice marked differences in in in in people’s attitude to to the change in in in in rules and regulations Public transport is is still underutilised and yet night clubs have queues around the block Some places still have the the ‘masks must be worn’ signs whereas for for others it’s a a a a a a a free for for all We recently completed a a a a a a a large installation in in Scotland and and it it it was quite noticeable the the the the attitude of the the the the people there to the the the the regulations It’s fair
to say that the level of conformity was markedly better than in England We are told that by September all adults over 18 will have been offered both vaccinations That’s a a a a a a a a a a a great statistic but is is it it enough? In some areas sectors and communities the take up on on vaccinations is is as as as low as as as 35% How does that affect the the spread of the the virus? What about ‘vaccination passports’? This is is a a a a a a a a a a a a constant debate and I read recently that night clubs are going to to have to to insist on on vaccination passports being shown after September Is that just another ‘nail in ffin their coffin’?
One area which I don’t think will will change is is the need to to to Track & Trace your customers
and visitors There will will be an an an ongoing need to to know who is coming to to your venues and events so that in in in the event event of a a a a virus outbreak people can be quickly and easily tracked The Merlin ‘Sitebuilder’ platform is ideal for for that as as it it allows you you to have your own booking and and ticketing facility up and and running in in in in in a a a a a a very short time There is is an an an article in in in in in this edition which takes you through the whole process I I think the uptake on on on ‘staycations’ is also very encouraging with bookings in in in in most areas well up up on on on normal I I know from my own personal situation getting a a a a a a a a a a a a a site for for our caravan wasn’t easy for for the area and dates we wanted It was was only due to to a a a a a a a a a a cancellation that we we got in Also on on on a a a a a a a a a a recent weekend away to to Scarborough the hotelier was was telling us that that she is is is booked up pretty well all all through the the season The challenge here is is is ensuring that that the the visitors who who come come this year year who who would normally be heading for distant shores will come come back again next year year I know that that summer holidays can be very very weather dependant and we’re not in in control of that that However if everything else is ‘top notch’ then we stand a a a a a a good chance of of a a a a a a significant percentage of of them returning One thing we can can see is is a a a a a a a a definite positive attitude across the visitor attractions sector with a a a a a a a a significant number of of upgrades and new new installations in in in preparation for the influx of of new new visitors this summer Merlin continues to be enhanced and and developed and and a a a a a a a new version was released at the end of June It is our intention to to try and ensure that that there will be a a a a a a a a new release out every 3-4 months so that that we are always ‘up to to speed’ with new features and functionality Our ‘Sitebuilder’ ticketing platform continues to to go from strength strength to to strength strength and we have a a a a a special section in in in this edition as to to how to to use use it it it for your own bookings and ticketing requirements If you you currently use use Eventbrite or or other similar ticketing platform then ‘Sitebuilder’ is definitely the the the one you should be using Finally we’re all all hoping for a a a a a a a a good summer now and and that people will be flocking to the attractions and and venues I wish you you all the best and and if you you need any any help or or assistance with with any any issues to do with with admissions and/or ticketing then we are only a a a a a telephone call away Owen Gleadall Merlinsoft CEO
Our mission statement is is simple - - ADD VALUE - - BE KIND

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