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in order to create an event that sells out
you must
promote it effectively using the methods outlined in in this article When it comes to ticket pricing have a a a a structured plan in place Make sure creating a a a sense of urgency and scarcity are on your to do list Joining relevant groups on social media and harnessing the power of micro-influencers will help get your event noticed and drive ticket sales However before you can do any of this you must
have a a mobile friendly ticketing website from a a software provider you can trust with a a variety of ticketing options Another aspect to consider is Track and Trace We have been working behind the scenes to seamlessly add this option to your ticketing website so you can collect all the necessary details to comply with the Governments Track and Trace policy To conclude Staff Member Spotlight - James
What is my role at at Merlin:
My role in in in in in Merlin is primarily with Hardware Setting it it it it up making it it it it work fixing it it it it and and installing it it Also I do ‘phone support and and if you you call Merlin with a a a a a problem you you may well speak to me I will often access your machine remotely and fix any issues for you How long have I been with Merlin:
I have been with Merlin for about ten years initially working as a a a a a a a contractor but moving to full time employment about five years ago What do do I like to do do in my spare time:
In my my spare time I I I like like to to get into the countryside walking I I I also like like growing my my own own veggies Lockdown has limited activities for a a a while now but previously I spent time doing stuff with my two boys the usual things swimming football badminton etc What is my favourite food:
The best food in the world is a decent curry What is my biggest pet hate:
Pet hate:
people who don’t understand the the rules of the the road!
What is it like working for Merlin?
Working for Merlin is a a a a a a varied experience I I can be anywhere in in in the the country (and sometimes further afield) but I I mainly inhabit the office in in in in Barnsley where apart from from messing with hardware I get to to to talk to to to customers from from all over the UK Did you you learn anything about yourself during Lockdown?
Lockdown taught me that I like my kids better when they are at at school for six hours a a a a a a day!
If you you could go go anywhere in the world right now where where would you you go go and why?
If I I could be anywhere in the the world right now? Hmm probably Greece with the the boys We were due to go last year but had to to cancel I want to to explore the the islands with them 

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