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  Whatever method you choose, the master file will be resident on your system so that, irrespective of where the sale is generated, everyone will be looking at the same plan. This means that box office staff can sell tickets as can telephone salespeople and the plan
can also be on your website for online bookings. The system works in real time so that once a seat has been reserved the master plan is updated and seats cannot be sold again.
If you are offering a reservations system, without a full payment on booking, then those ‘reserved’ seats will also not be available for sale unless you actually move them from their reserved status. This facility is quite useful when taking large bookings and final numbers may not be known at the initial enquiry stage. In that situation you could reserve seats for a fixed or flexible period depending upon your requirements. For example; there could be a telephone enquiry for a large group and a deposit or full payment is required. It may be that monies will have to be obtained to
make the final payment and so you could offer seven days for the payment to be received. If after that time period the allocation had not been changed from reserved to sold, then the seats would automatically go back on sale.
Tickets can be both physical and electronic where they can be shown or displayed on a Smartphone or Tablet on arrival. Each ticket is then scanned to confirm it is valid for that particular event on that date and time and the customer allowed entry. There is also the option to allow for unattended access, whereby barriers or turnstiles are installed with integrated barcode readers which will open automatically for
any valid ticket.
In creating this module we feel that we are able to offer seated bookings at almost any type of event or venue for any situation.

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