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Merlin Venue Management System Explored - The Diary Module
At Merlin we often get the feeling that our lovely customers may not be getting as much out of the system as they could. I would like to try and redress
the balance, and explore one feature which could save a lot of time and stress. The feature I have in mind is the Diary System for Group Bookings.
The diary system can be found in the Merlin Back Office, in the ‘Admissions’ menu. The format is similar to the ‘Google’ calendar and it can be accessed on any terminal which has the Merlin system installed.
The operation is very easy to follow. Simply choose the option on the menu, pick your date and click on the ‘New Group Booking’ tab. You can search for an existing customer, or create a new customer for your new booking. Choose the arrival
and departure time and save the record to verify the entry. The ‘Items’ tab will then become active, to
allow you to enter the details of the booking, the number of people in the party, the types of tickets to be booked, any additional items required by the group (refreshments, guided tour, goody bags for children etc.) This information forms the basis of the order and the total
price will be displayed. You can then attach a payment to the booking, either full payment or a deposit, depending on the terms you offer. This information will then be saved on the customer’s account.
You then have the ability to enter any further information relating to the booking, which will be clearly displayed on the diary screen, making it very easy to check the details at a glance. Further additional information can be entered as and when required.
When the booking is complete, a confirmation letter can be sent to the group organiser, detailing the number of people in the party and showing the dates, times and
all the details of the booking. The confirmation letter is
fully customisable, and several different letters can be designed for use with different types of bookings. The letters can also be e-mailed.
The letter contains an order reference, which is also printed in barcode format. The barcode can be scanned at the admissions desk and any amendments can be made on the day. The balance can also be paid, by the organiser, on arrival.
The bookings are clearly visible on the diary and can
be checked in advance of the booking date, so that everything is ready for the party to arrive. Bookings can range from educational visits, community groups, birthday parties, private hire and many more, depending on your venue.
    Thank you for booking with Merlin Museum. We would like to confirm your booking on the 27/04/2021
Please check your booking. Below is an itemised list of what you will receive when you arrive. Please print this confirmation and present on arrival. Any changes can be made up until 14 days prior to the date of your visit, changes within 14 days of your visit are non refundable. For further information, please contact or call 01234 234567
We look forward to welcoming you and hope you will enjoy your visit.
Your booking reference is: CBX163MYRGB
 Billing Address
St Mary´s Church Ladies Group St Mary´s Vicarage,
Booking Details Item
Group (16+) Adult
Price Quantity
£6.50 10 £40.00 1 £3.50 15
£65.00 £40.00 £52.50
Total: £157.50
Deposit £57.50 Outstanding £100.00
    This feature is already part of the Merlin system, so are you making the most of it? Please give us a call for further information or guidance if you need it.
 Sell your tickets online through your own branded site with the help of Merlin.

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