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Meet our new staff
Greetings! My name is Edward and I am an apprentice Software Development Technician for Merlinsoft LTD.
I joined the team on the 6th of January, 2021 and from the Zoom meetings we’ve held so far I can
confidently say that the people at Merlinsoft are extremely enthusiastic and very welcoming. This greatly solidified my confidence in the team as during lockdown where the morales of people tend to be low, they were inviting and entirely open to my imputs from the very beginning.
As an apprentice, I have firstly been tasked to
learn the fundamentals of Dart/Flutter, Dart is a programming langauge that is used to mainly write Android operating system applications while Flutter allows you have low-level rendering and a library directly built into the development software for ease of integration i.e. buttons or icons. What this in
turn allows me, is to grasp the basics of software development for one of the most popular platforms currently in circulation. This is an extremely powerful starting point as it will prove to be an enormous asset not only to myself but Merlinsoft and the team.
I am a first year apprentice at Merlinsoft dealing with the hardware side of the business. This will include testing technology such as terminals, scanners and printers to make sure they are working correctly and are compatible with the
software we use on them. I am still learning, but currently enjoying my time learning in a great, supportive, encouraging environment which will enable me to have every success in the future.
Prior to joining Merlin I have always had an interest in technology. From rebuilding a computer to playing angry birds on my phone, I am engrossed in using technology in every day life as well as knowing how things work and why they work that way. Therefore,
I feel Merlin is a brilliant place to continue to develop my interests in this aspect, along with learning new things such as delving into the software side of the business.
From this apprenticeship I hope to be able to become a much more rounded person so I can help as many customers as I can without having to rely on the more experienced members within the company itself which will allow me a greater amount of pride in my work.
I joined the Merlin team in March 2021 as a Graduate Marketing Executive.
Since graduating from the University of Leeds with a Textile Design degree, I have mostly worked in retail. In addition, I have also recently completed an online digital marketing course, which has taught me how to write engaging content, understand the importance of SEO and how to get the most out of social media.
The course covered a variety of areas and has given me a good starting point for developing a career in marketing. I am looking forward to bringing fresh ideas and enthusiasm to the Merlin team.

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