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Hi! I am Muddassar and I am a Frontend web develoepr at Merlinsoft Ltd.
I joined Merlinsoft Ltd in August 2020 and I am really enjoying working here as everyone is very supportive and enthusiactic about the work.
As a Developer, I am responsible for maintaining and updating the offical websites of Merlinsoft Ltd., as well as the user interface of the client’s ticketing websites.
Merlinsoft Ltd values the input of everyone and it links directly into the company mantra “Add Value - Be Kind” that applies equally to staff, in addition to our customers and suppliers.
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What is my role at Merlin:
Technical Manager, but that is only a title as I pretty much can and probably have done everything and anything that needs doing at Merlin.
How long have I been with Merlin:
For almost 34 years, although the name may have changed over the years, the core of the company hasn’t.
What does my job entail:
See the first answer, I may have started with limited computer skills (I trained as a mechanical engineer when computers were not in general use), but working for Merlin has allowed me to expand that massively to cover almost all of what Merlin does today.
What is it like working for Merlin:
It must be pretty good or I would not still be here. The flexible working.accommodates the demands of having a family, but it can mean working odd hours sometimes when necessary.
What do I like to do in my spare time:
I like to cycle, and have just discovered Zwift during the bad weather and lockdown. I also run and make things when I get the time.
What is my favorite food:
Rice, sausage and baked beans. This was a staple at University and when I lived alone, but now having to feed the rest of the family at the same time, none of whom see its appeal, I rarely get to eat it now.
What is my biggest pet hate:
Don’t get me started on this one, as my wife will tell you - designers rather than engineers making things now. When designers do the engineering, you can be sure it will lack functionality and wont last, but it may look nice (not even that sometimes), but when engineers do the design, you can be sure it will work, last almost forever and when you look at examples of Victorian engineering, it can look good as well.
What is the first thing I/we are going to do when we’re out of lock down:
Group cycle rides, group runs, Parkrun and my wife and daughter want a holiday, since we missed going to Portugal by less than 2 weeks because of the first lockdown.

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