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     an outpost of the NRM housing the locomotives Alan saved for the Nation.
The early seventies saw the Fire Engine arrive, and many of the collections road vehicles were used by the BBC in the filming of Dad’s Army, a couple of episodes filmed in the village. Bressingham became the home of the Dads Army collection in 2000 in the space that previously housed the Norfolk Fire Service collection.
By 1978 the plant business spent 50K for a first computer, they still produced two plant catalogues a year, sent 25,000 retail orders out and had 200 staff.
Contrary to what a lot of locals believe, the Garden Centre didn’t exist until 1984, and has never been part of the Steam and Gardens business.
Now we are South Norfolk’s biggest Tourist Attraction. We strive to restore and run as much of the collections as we can, a unique day out showing the Power of Steam and the Glory of the 17 Acres of Gardens.
Bressingham has been a Merlin customer since 2006, running the Charity, it’s Trading Arm and Catering as three separate business, all commonly using one server over three companies. Perhaps because we are all
lovers of technology from the steam age onwards and embrace the geek within, we have (we would like to think) helped Merlin evolve as we have needed it. Always willing to test and give feedback. We have been selling online tickets you can buy, even same day since 2014. We use the Group Booking system, print ride tickets
and re-entry vouchers from our POS printers, issue wristbands for big event days and make use of the Membership system. From originally Windows NT to handheld tablets and the food app – we have embraced it all.
Basically we have old fashioned business values and see relationships with our key suppliers as partners in it for the long term.

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