Page 15 - Evolve Magazine Winter 2020
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 Visitor attractions
 Know your audience ‒ who do you want to attract? Make sure you promote yourself in the areas they frequent e.g. is it on Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, magazines, etc. Put your ‘easy to read’ messages in all the right places.
Create experiences ‒ make their visit memorable (for all the right reasons!). There is an old saying which is very true, especially more so today with everything in such chaos – “I will forget what you just told me, I will forget what you just showed me, but I will never forget how you made me feel”.
Make it easy for them to give referrals ‒ word of mouth is the best recommendation you can get, so encourage your visitors to ‘tell stories’ about their day with you. Even consider short video interviews. Use them as quotes and material in your advertising.
  Reward your members with discounts, auto-send letters to retain
 Sell tickets, products and memberships online with integrated sales
 Mitigate risk & staffing needs with access control solutions
 Barcoded wristbands for entry and cashless payments
 Print branded souvenir tickets & membership cards
 Tesco Voucher Integration
 Easily setup tour bookings and complex ticket types

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