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As has been previously stated, this development started in 2014 and was integrated into the main system in 2015. Using our previous experience of other systems and feedback from our own customer base, we created an online events management and ticketing solution suitable for any type of event or venue of any size. This module has proved to be incredibly popular as it offers several features not found in many other systems:
Self Registration and Integrated Site Builder White Label to maintain all your own branding Immediate payment direct to your account Single VAT Invoice
Unlimited events and sessions
Sell products and tickets all in a single transaction Delegate badge printing on arrival
Mobile operation
Free of Charge
As can be seen from the above profile, we have extensive experience in the sectors in which we operate and the modules we produce are both effective and innovative, something proved by the many awards we have won.
The real advantage is that they are all part of the same platform with a single database for all information. This ensures both total integrity of the data and a
fast reliable search engine.
      Drive traffic to your website ‒ one area that is important to your business is your website, it’s your ‘window to the world’. By using a link on your website to your external ticketing platform, you will create not only extra traffic to your website for marketing opportunities, but it will also create generic ‘links’ every time someone makes a booking. This can help in enhancing your Google rankings.
Get paid in advance ‒ one issue we have
in our country is the vagary of the weather. This means that visitor numbers can fluctuate dramatically, depending on whether it’s wet or dry. By taking bookings and payments online, you will already have the money whether or not they arrive.
Promote other activities and events ‒
if someone makes an online booking, you can attach additional marketing material to their electronic ticket to promote other upcoming events and activities at your venue, at no cost.

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