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 Merlin’s FREE online ‘Sitebuilder’ ticketing solution
 What is Sitebuilder?
This is a free white label ticketing website that you can use as a booking and ticketing platform for any type of event. This can be done without any knowledge of web design, as the basic template comes already built-in. You can add your own logo, event images and theme colours to the website, to maintain your own branding and corporate identity. It is hosted by Merlin® free of charge on our secure servers and also comes with free e-mail and telephone support.
How do I sign-up?
It is very easy to sign-up and the process can be completed in minutes. First browse to the Merlin Tickets website which is:
On the front page, you will see a large button called ‘BUILD YOUR SITE’. Just click the button to load the sitebuilder form page.
     If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see a video explaining how to fill the form in.
6. Password. This will be used to login to your admin dashboard area.
7. Confirm your password.
8. Your current company website (Optional). This is your main website address, where you advertise
the events before sending the customer to purchase the tickets.
9. Ticketing website address. This is what you want the ticketing website to be called eg: funevents. This would then give you a website address of
(Letters and numbers only).
10. Business type drop-down box, just so we get an idea of what type of events you will be targeting.
11. E-mail address which the website will use to send the confirmation e-mail with the tickets attached.
Finally, do not forget to tick the Terms and Conditions box and hit the ‘create ticketing site’ button. Now your site is live and waiting for you to explore. You will be sent an auto-generated e-mail with your login details so that you can start straight away.
Please watch our selection of videos for more details about the above and what comes next and finally, how to login to the admin dashboard com/playlist?list=PLVZTuCOe6OsFrBOce_dvsHUCh1N- H3YAxI
But let’s go through it step by step and I will show you how easy and quick it is to sign-up.
1. Enter your first name. (Letters only)
2. Enter your surname. (Letters only)
3. Enter an e-mail address. This will be used to send you an auto-generated welcome e-mail with links and how to login. Within 48 hours you will also receive a personal welcome e-mail from one of the Merlin® website developers, so you have a contact name and details if you need us.
4. Confirm your e-mail address.
5. Your contact telephone number. (Numbers only, minimum of 11)

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