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 additional income to top up their normal trading revenues.
The effect on individual lives will also be quite dramatic as families will be unable to meet and swap gifts. This could be very difficult for the older, more vulnerable generation who have already been self-isolating since March, if they are prevented from seeing their grandchildren at such an important time. In a recent telephone survey I was listening to recently, an 86 year old lady was asked about Christmas and what she planned to do. Her answer was
quite concerning as she was insisting on meeting her grandchildren. When asked about the risk this posed to her and her 90 year old husband from Covid-19, her answer was quite specific as she was adamant that even if it meant her dying after Christmas, she said she would rather have that happen than miss spending Christmas with her grandchildren.
So what’s the answer? Two things spring to mind, a) stay positive b) find an alternative way to enjoy Christmas. We’re resolute, inventive and creative, so I’m sure we can find a way through all this. Yes, of course it’s difficult, but we have come through difficult times before and survived with our on-going ability to adapt and change to meet any challenge. This year is different, but doesn’t have to
be a disaster. Make it memorable for all the right reasons, so that
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in years to come you can look back and remember the good times not just the bad.
Finally: have a very Merry Christmas!
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