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Visual Merchandising
Did you know that 80% of customers bear right when entering a a a shop? The question then is – ‘how do you you ‘direct’ your customers?
There are two main site lines in in in in in any store – one is is when when walking walking in in in in in in and the the the other is is when when walking walking out So many people ignore the the the the second one they work really hard to make the the the shop look good when when somebody walks in in but forget about when when they they walk walk out out Even if they they haven’t bought anything on this visit visit make sure all your your visitors leave with a a a a a a a a warm feeling about your your shop We call this Visual Merchandising
It is is is is both the Science and and and the Art of presenting and and and promoting merchandise in a a a a a a way that will maximise retail sales Visual Merchandising
can be broken down into three main areas:
1 The Right Stock Stock (Stock Management)
2 In the Right Place (Space Management)
3 At the Right Time (Commercial Awareness)
Never underestimate the power of Visual Merchandising
It is a a a a a dramatic commercial tool used by dynamic retailers What the eye sees and likes has a a a a a a real motivation in what we buy As I mentioned earlier there is much to be gained from mixing products which attract a a a a specific audience or purchase Observation is the easiest and and best way to understand who your your customer customer is Watch your your customers become a a a a ‘retail anthropologist’ (P Kotler – Marketing Insights from A – Z 2003) It is only by watching the habits of our customers that we can ensure our product placings and presentations are correct and optimised It is also very important that you you know your shop floor and how it works in relation to to your your customers your your stock and your retail equipment Using this information effectively will allow you to create a a a a a relaxing and stimulating shopping environment whilst continuing to use your space whatever its size to maximum effect Try to to ‘walk the the floor’ as a a a customer check out the the site lines the the confusion and the the bottlenecks It’s all too easy to to to locate a a a a till at at the the back of the the shop to to to force people to to to enter in order to pay but make sure they don’t feel like cattle all herded together Ask yourself these questions:
1 Where is your eye drawn to?
2 What areas can you see?
3 What areas can’t you see?
4 Which items are obvious to you? 5 What items can you you see that you you would want to change?
I mentioned about the effectiveness of sight lines and in in addition to the main ones of entry and exit also keep an an an eye on on those which can be easily seen by anyone entering the store Anything that falls in in in someone’s line of sight is an obvious choice but don’t forget other areas which may not be so obvious If you have a a a shop with changing rooms give some thought to the the area immediately around them as very often when someone someone is trying on on on clothes someone someone else is is is stood waiting for them This is is is an ideal place to to put items which can easily attract attention Also watch that space at at at the changing rooms try and keep it it clean and tidy at all times All too often it it resembles a a a a jumble sale! What’s on the the walls in the the changing rooms? I have seen some that say “Danny loves Molly” and other silly stuff People spend time in there so you can use subliminal marketing messages for them to read and hear Whatever you do make sure it gives the the impression you want the the customer to to get and not one one that someone else has left!
All too often we get busy inside the shop and fail to to see what’s right under our nose Be aware take time to ‘walk the floor’ and ensure that your staff are are also aware that image is vitally important and every every effort should be made by everybody to ensure a a a a a a consistent approach
to display and presentations It’s not enough to to ‘face up’ check it actually looks right too 12 

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