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Visual Merchandising
– Windows
You also need to look at your shop from outside There are two keys elements to be considered here:
1 The approach
2 The windows
First of all approach
your shop from from the the left then from from the the right and finally from across the the street What is the message that you you are giving to your customers?
Is it it it one of welcome and invitation or it it it is a a a bit dowdy and tired? What does the signage say about you? It is old and faded or modern with a a a strong message Do you actually have a a a a a sign? Remember – “a business business with no no sign sign is a a sign sign of no no business” There is is an old expression which is is used in in marketing to make sure you you you get your presentations correct – you you you only get one chance to make a a a first impression! Quite obvious when you think about it but how often do people forget that golden rule? Does the the signage on the the shop reflect your ideals and objectives?
Now look at the the windows
when were they last refreshed? This is is an an area which can be the most effective marketing tool you’ve got In some shops they pay large sums of money to specialist people who do do nothing else but dress windows
Have you ever heard of of Mary Portas ‘Queen of of Shops’ well she actually started out dressing windows
for Harrods and then moved on to other areas of Visual Merchandising
are are there even when you are are closed so make make sure they make make a a a a positive statement on your behalf at all times Have you ever been to London in December? If not it’s worth going just to look at the window displays At Selfridges people travel from all over the world to look at their windows
When my family were small we we started going to London on on on the last Saturday before Christmas to to look at Selfridge’s windows
and to to meet Santa Claus in their Grotto I can tell you that despite all being grown up and the family having left home we still go to London on on on that last Saturday before Christmas Of course it’s now now become a a a sort of ritual and we now now meet friends there and have a a a a different type of day out but we still go and check out all the windows
on Oxford Street as as part of our visit Santa’s Grotto has long gone too so I I can no longer collect the badges which say “I’ve seen Santa at Selfridges” but I do have a a a a a a fair collection!
So then what does your window say about you? Is it just something that is is on on the the front of the the shop or is is it a a real statement of your intent and determination to show
the world who and what you are? Don’t be put off by the fact that your window is quite small or lacks depth with imagination and creativity you can turn any window into an eye catching display How difficult would it be to make your window ‘memorable’ perhaps even a a a a a talking point in in in the local community One idea I’ve seen that is is very effective is is to use examples of local arts and crafts You could even consider putting up paintings done by local schoolchildren This always attracts attention and if you were to award some small prizes or rosettes based upon votes cast by your shoppers you you could involve the whole community in the exercise They would obviously have to to to come into the shop to to to vote – additional footfall!
When dressing your windows
there are a a few golden rules to employ:
• Avoid clutter Always ensure there is space around the the display that will draw the the eye to what you want people to concentrate on on • Try and be creative give the public a a a a reason to come and look at at what you have to show
them • Use ‘pyramids’ to display goods This means building pyramids of products with the highest in in the middle • Can you use movement? This can be a a a a good way of attracting attention but beware it doesn’t trigger your internal alarms at night • When hanging large displays make sure they are anchored properly Nothing looks worse that a a a hanging hanging sign that is either lopsided or hanging hanging from only one corner • Don’t forget to include lighting in in in in the window and leave it on after you have closed Your shop window will stand out amongst many that switch their lighting off It can be quite cost effective too if you use low voltage lighting or fibre optics • Keep it clean and and fresh and and this includes the glass itself If people stop to to admire it it small children may press against the glass leaving sticky finger marks – make sure you clean them off every day • How about a a ‘find the frog’ competition or something similar Hide a a little frog in in one of the displays and see how many people can spot it To tell you they obviously have to to come into the the shop too Keep on moving it around so so that there is also added interest in in fin in finding it 13

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