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Here’s an an example of what I mean by ‘pyramids’:
See what I mean by using pyramids to create the effect of height Also note the arrows this indicates both space around the exhibits and also the lines your eyes are drawn to when you stand and and look at it Visual Merchandising – Inside your shop 14
First of all walk into your shop from the front and check out what images and impressions you get Does it have the the ‘wow’ ‘wow’ factor? I can hear you asking what the the ‘wow’ ‘wow’ factor is is Consider any situation and there is is always a a a a a a a level of expectation and anticipation The ‘wow’ factor is is that little something else which raises the eyebrows or makes people comment Think back to the windows at Selfridges they always had the the ‘wow’ factor This may be created in a a a a multitude of ways décor sound light displays ambience even the way your staff dress and act All these things can add up to a a a a a whole lot of ‘wow’ So now you’re standing in in your own doorway does your shop have that ‘wow’ factor or or not?
One thing that I insist upon in in in my own organisation is is is ‘wow’ We provide venue management software and I write very detailed specifications based upon what I want the the system to to to provide to to to the the customer when they use it it However when I test that it it has met my requirements I do do not accept it it if it it doesn’t also have a a ‘wow’ factor It doesn’t have to be a a a a major situation possibly even just a a a clever use of colour or a a a very slick way in which it completes the task or even just some help screens to to to to enable customers to to to to be able able to to to to use it more easily All my staff know that if it it doesn’t have ‘wow’ it it will be rejected and sent back for further work Ask yourself the the question “does my shop have the ‘wow’ factor”?
I I remember when I I saw a a a video of the the layout for the the new Top Shop in New York – it it had lots of ‘wow’ Check it it out and see what ideas it gives you you you that you you you can use in your own store I want you to also consider the effect an an ‘accessorised’ display can have on your customers What do I mean by that? Consider if someone wants a a a a dress they will also want to accessorise that dress so so why not show examples of what accessories are suitable for different outfits For other items you can show the the complete lifestyle For example if you’re selling products that naturally
link to other products create a a a a display with a a a a selection of items that suit the lifestyle you are seeking to promote This may be a a a a a whole display related to a a a a a specific occasion i fi i i e e e e e e e Halloween where you have all all the things necessary for a a a a a child or or adult to actually become that apparition Furniture can have pictures lamps vases crockery and other items displayed with it it it If you are selling beachwear what about other items they would need such as suntan lotion sunglasses bags and even loungers You don’t necessarily have to to diversify into these new products just a a a a selection will do while that display stays current If you you don’t want to to add them to to your own product range think back to what I said earlier about developing links with other retailers Can you work together on creating this effect and share in its success?
Another trick in a a a fashion store is for some of your staff to be wearing the the new fashions – live models in in the the store Draw customer’s attention to to to this and encourage them them to to try them them on too This is is a a a a great way of creating an ‘impulse’ buy Now let’s move further into the the the shop towards the the the till point or counter Standing in in in in line there what impression do you you get? Is there anything to attract your interest keep you amused?

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