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The Policeman ˜ A Christmas Story
It was nearly 9 o’clock on Christmas Eve and Sam was looking forward to to the end of his shift He wanted to to get off home so that he would be ready when his children came round for their presents tomorrow Sam and his wife had separated some years earlier and she had custody of their four children There were three girls a a a a a 6 year year old old a a a a a 7 year year old old a a a a a 12 year old and a a a a boy aged 14 Despite the the separation they were still friends and Sam had the children regularly to stay with him However this Christmas it had been agreed that they would all come round on Christmas Day so that Sam could give them their presents and watch them them open them them All these thoughts were going through Sam’s mind as as he was writing up the the final bits of the the paperwork from the shift Looking at the clock he he noticed it had just passed 9 o’clock – “not long now” he he he said to himself Just then the the door opened and Dougie walked
in He was Sam’s regular partner and he he looked agitated “What’s the matter Doug” asked Sam “We’ve got a a shout” said Doug “there’s been a a a burglary at the Co-op store” Sam’s reply is not repeatable but suffice it to say he was not best pleased They were due off shift at 10 00 p p m and even if it proved to be a a a a a false alarm the paperwork could take them past that “Come on Sam” said Dougie “let’s go and see what it’s all about” When they went outside there was a a a keen frost and the paths were white over Jumping in in the the car they pulled out of the garage and headed for High Street and the Co-op Pulling up outside they could see the the alarm flashing and hear the the siren sounding Checking the front there there was no sign of entry there there so they they went round the the the back As they they turned the the corner they could see footprints in in in the frost heading for the roller shutter door It had been forced from its rail and was gaping open at the side “Look” said Dougie “those footprints go in in but they don’t come out again Our man is still in in there” Carefully taking out their torches they crawled through the damaged shutter The noise inside was deafening as as the burglar alarm had an internal siren too Leaning over Sam said to Dougie “let’s see if we can find the light switch” Beckoning to Dougie Sam sent him to the right and he went left About 20 metres from the door Sam came across some switches on the the wall and he he he started to flick them on Suddenly the the shop was bathed in light and it took Sam a a a few seconds for his eyes to to adjust to to it As he he looked around he he saw a a a figure in in a a a a dark hooded jacket heading for the roller door “He’s getting away” he shouted and ran towards the doorway He was just too late and the figure was through kicking the shutters as he he got through This made it very difficult for Sam to get through and it it took a a little while to to get outside by which time the person had disappeared However Sam had a a a a stroke of luck as he could see the the footsteps in the the frost leading from the shop Switching
on his torch again Sam started to to follow them They led him down
the road and up a a a a a ginnel to a a a a a local housing estate Luckily there hadn’t been too many people about that night and the fresh footsteps were still visible in his bright torchlight They continued deep into the estate and Sam suddenly realised he was all alone as Dougie hadn’t followed him presumably he didn’t see or hear him leave so wasn’t aware he he had gone Sam was about to call
for assistance when he he he saw that the footsteps had turned into a a a a gateway to a a semi-detached property Heading up the path Sam knocked on on the front door The house was all in darkness and it took several minutes before a a a light came on and someone was opening the door Standing there was a a a young girl in in her dressing gown Sam guessed she was about 11 or 12 “Hello” Sam said “is your Mum or Dad in” The girl didn’t answer so Sam asked again explaining that he was a a a a a a police officer and wanted to speak to them Still she didn’t answer and Sam was getting a a a a bit annoyed “Well can I come in and see them” he he asked The girl stepped back and and opened the door and and Sam stepped inside He had no preconceptions as to what what he he would find but what what he he did see made him gasp a a a little The floors were bare boards the staircase also had no carpet and most of the walls were covered
in in dirt and scrawl Looking up the stairs Sam saw two more girls at the top He guessed they were much younger than the first one probably 6 or 7 Turning to the first girl again he asked “is your Mum and Dad in please” “Dunt av any” said the older girl “Well who’s looking after you then” asked Sam “We looks after usselves mista We dunt need nobdy else” said the girl Sam wasn’t sure he he he had heard her correctly so he asked again “Who else lives here with you then” asked Sam Looking up the the stairs the the girl said “there’s Amy and Bella that’s it” By now Sam had become acutely aware of the horrible smell in in the house and was becoming slightly nauseous “Someone just came in here” he he said “I followed them from the the Co-op” The girl looked a a little sheepish but said 1 1 16

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