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“aint nobdy else here but us” “Can
I have a a a a look around then” asked Sam “wot u u lukin for” asked the girl “I teld yer there’s nobdy else here” “I’m looking for the person who ran in in here a a a a few minutes ago” said Sam “and I am am entitled to search
the property if I think you are hiding someone I need to help with enquir- ies into a a a crime that has been committed” “We aint dun nowt” said the girl “you got us out a a bed” Sam didn’t answer but stepping across the small hallway he he he pushed open the the door on his left It was the the kitchen and he he could see that it it was filthy the oven door was hanging off and the sink was covered
in in plastic pots and fast food cartons Stepping inside he could see it was a a complete mess there was not much in there no fridge or washer or anything like that and just mess everywhere with more plastic pots on a a a small kitchen table Picking
one up he he saw that they were pot noodles There were no no curtains at the the window and the the back door had a a piece of wood where the glass should have been He was now starting to think the worst “could it possibly be that these three young girls were living here alone”? He knew that wasn’t true as as the footsteps came right here so going back into the hallway he he he pushed open the the door to the the right Reaching in he he he switched on the light This was obviously the front room but there was only a a a small rug on on the the floor a a a a couple of old armchairs and a a well worn sofa An old TV stood in the corner on what looked like a a milk bottle crate There was an old sheet across the window well worn and very dirty Apart from some old clothes and various other rubbish strewn about that was the extent of the furnishings “Who’s upstairs” asked Sam of the girl “Told you once mister there’s nobdy else here but us” “I need to check” said Sam and started up the stairs The two smaller girls didn’t move as he he came up to them just sat there in dirty pyjamas He stepped past them and opened a door to his right Switching
on the light he he saw that it it had in it it two bunk beds with filthy bedding and clothes strewn all over There was a a a bare light bulb hanging from the ceiling and another sheet across the the window The smell was terrible As he he was turning to leave the two young girls came up behind him and one of them said “wot you want in in our room”? “I’m looking for someone” he replied “Well you aint gonna find im fin in ere” one of them said “Find who” asked Sam Before she could answer the older girl arrived and grabbing her arm pulled her back “Shut your mouth our our Amy” she snapped “Sorry Donna” said Amy “Where is he” asked Sam of Amy “She dunt no no nowt” said Donna “now go and leave us alone” Sam ignored her and moved to another door which he he tried to push open it it was either locked or barricaded Sam Sam thought “OK” Sam Sam said in a a a loud voice “I’m a a a police officer and I know you’re in there if you don’t open the door before I I count ten I’m going to kick it in in One Two Three Four Five just at at that moment he he heard a a a a noise and the door started to open As he he stood and waited a a a a boy’s face appeared and out stepped a a a a bedraggled boy in scruffy clothes He was carrying a a a a a a black sack and handed it to the policeman “Is this what you want” he asked Sam took the bag and looked inside where he found a a variety of foodstuffs and a a a a box of Christmas crackers He looked at the boy and asked him why he he had been in the Co-op “You’ve seen this place it’s Christmas and we’ve nowt to eat I went to get us sommat “Are you gonna nick me” he asked When he he he first arrived at the house that was Sam’s objective but having seen the the state of the the place he he now wasn’t sure what he he wanted to do “Where’s your Mum and Dad” he he asked The boy looked down
at his feet and didn’t answer so Sam asked again “If you want me to help you then don’t ignore me” “They’ve gone” he he answered “Where to” Sam asked Me Dad’s in prison and me Mam’s gon off wi a a a bloke” he said “What time’s your Mother coming home” he he he asked The boy laughed before saying “ar dunt no she went last month” Sam was shocked and it it took him a little while before he asked “do you you mean you’ve been on your own
all that time”? The boy laughed again and said “who dus tha think is gonna look afta us? Any road we’re all rate ar can look afta em” It was Sam’s turn to laugh now before he said “well it doesn’t look too good to to to me Nothing to to to eat and the house is a a real mess” The boy sneered and said “that was her fault not ars she was alus drunk and dint care about the ouse or us us Weer best off wiout her” Sam thought about that for a a a a few minutes and then said “well you’ve stolen all that stuff and I have to take you in” “Dunt tek im mista” said Donna “wot we gonna do then”? Sam hadn’t really considered that and it made him stop and think Looking at at his watch he could see it was now past 10 00 p p m m Time he was off shift Looking at the children again all standing there at the the top of the stairs waiting for his decision he he he realised that if he he he did arrest the boy then the the three girls would be sent to a hostel somewhere “They might even be split up and sent to separate places” he thought Just as as he he was thinking about these consequences his radio burst into life It was his partner Dougie asking where he he was Sam leant over and speaking into the radio said “It’s OK Dougie I’ve found the the stuff on the the estate Bring the car round to Alderson Crescent and meet me me there” “Did you catch the the little beg- gar” Dougie asked “No” said Sam “but at least I’ve got the stuff back” “OK” said Dougie “be there in 5” The four children were now all looking at him with eyes wide open “Dus that mean thars not gonna nick ar Jimmy” asked one of the girls?
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