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“No I’m I’m not” replied Sam “I’m going to take this stuff back and fill in the the report then I’m coming back here in about an hour” “What for” asked Jimmy? “To take you all to my my house” said Sam “We’re not goin to no coppers ouse” said Jimmy defiantly “You’ve got two chances” said Sam “either you come with me me or you you go into care your choice” Sam started to go downstairs and looking back over his shoulder said “back in an hour Christmas at my house then is it”? Nobody answered him as he he went out of the front door closing it behind him It was nearly 11 00 p m m when Sam turned his car into their street and the house was in darkness “They’re not in” thought Sam as he stopped the car He got out and walked up to the front door and knocked No reply so he knocked louder still no no reply He tried the the handle and and the the door opened so he went inside It was all in darkness and fumbled around until he found a a light switch and a a single bulb lit up He went to his right into the front room and in in the the dim light from the the hallway could see all the the kids on the the sofa hugging each other “Dunt hurt us mister” said Donna “an dunt tek us inta care” Jimmy got up and stood in front of his sisters “thars gotta cum thru me fust” he said confronting Sam He was brandishing a a a a a bread knife as he spoke “Come on Jimmy” said Sam softly “if you were going into care I would have taken you when my partner came round I told you you you’re coming to my house for Christmas and then when it’s all over we’ll decide what to do next Anyway I’ve got clothes and stuff for you all at my my house” Jimmy still didn’t move but sneering at Sam said “an you spect us t t believe that”? “It’s true said Sam “well sort of half true I’ve got four kids about your ages and you you can have theirs” “pull totha one” said Jimmy laughing “nobdys eva dun owt
for for us before why why you why why now?” “Perhaps you’ve never met a a Christian before” answered Sam “OH a a bible basher” sneered Jimmy “is thar”? “Don’t think I’ve ever bashed a a a a a Bible” said Sam laughing “but I have read it a a a a few times and there’s lots of stories in there there about helping people and that’s what I’m going to do Now are you coming or do I call Social Services”?
The two young girls got off the sofa and came over to Sam “we trust ya mister” they said taking hold of his hands Donna also got off the sofa and stood with Jimmy before saying “gi im im a a a a chance ar Jimmy It’s gotta be be betta than stoppin ere” She took the knife off him and dropped it on the floor “cum on lets go” she said pulling his arm Very slowly Jimmy started to to move until he was stood in in front of Sam Looking up at him he said “if thar lays one finga on on any o these thars in big truble” Sam just laughed and turned towards the door “Come on then in the the car” They all went out of the house and Sam told them to to lock the the door “Dunt av a a a key” Jimmy answered “ “ ar Mam took it wi er” Sam got them all in the the car and their seatbelts on before getting
in “right then” he he said “my house it is and straight into the bath
then bed before midnight or or Santa Claus won’t come” Jimmy burst out laughing “thar dunt belive all that stuff dus thar” he asked “We’ll see” said Sam smiling to himself It wasn’t far to Sam’s house and they were there in in less than 10 minutes up to the front door Opening it he stepped back and said “right upstairs bathroom’s on the right at the the top of the the stairs and I want you all washed in half an hour I’ll get you some night clothes to wear while you’re having your bath
Squealing and giggling the three girls rushed upstairs Jimmy still wasn’t sure and hung back Sam reached out to him but he he stepped away “Come on Jimmy give me me a a a break will you you What are you you afraid of? I’m a a policeman for goodness sake” “Uh” said Jimmy “thars neva dun nowt for us us just banged me Dad up” “That wasn’t me and anyway he must have done something wrong” Sam replied “Tell you what at at least stay tonight and then see what you want to do Now in you you go and get your self washed” He reached out and took Jimmy’s arm “come on on son at least have a a a a a a bath
and a a a a a a good nights sleep” Jimmy didn’t pull away this time but allowed Sam to steer him inside the the house Closing the the door Sam said “upstairs on the right” Jimmy looked at him for a a few seconds and and then ran upstairs and and disappeared into the bathroom Sam went upstairs and found enough nightclothes for all of them and knocking on the bathroom door said “OK there’s clothes for you all out here when you’re ready for bed give me a shout” About 20 minutes later Donna shouted down “we’re ready mista” Sam went upstairs and started to laugh at the the sight of them He was sure that water had been used but not entirely successfully and their clothes were mostly back to front He didn’t say anything just moved the the girls towards one of the the rooms “OK” he he said “there’s a a a single and two bunks in there I’ll see you all in in the morning for Christmas” Pointing to to another door he he said to to Jimmy “there’s a single bed in in there there Jimmy and I’ll see you in the morning too” Sam thought he actually saw a a a a smile on Jimmy’s face but it lasted only a a a fleeting moment and was gone At least Jimmy went into the room Sam went back downstairs and stood listening in in the hall There was some chatting and giggling for a a a little while but before long everything went went quiet and Sam went went into the kitchen to finish the supper he he he had started preparing for himself while they were bathing He sat and ate the sandwich and and drank his coffee while his mind was trying to figure out what he had got himself in to “Never get involved – it’s just a job” was echoing around in in his head That’s what he had been taught

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