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First of of all let me me welcome you to the latest edition of of our magazine EVOLVE This is is a a a a a a quarterly publication and covers a a a a a a whole range of topics from our expert team and other 3rd Party Contributors Why ‘EVOLVE’? That’s easy to explain as as as the organisation has ‘evolved’ over the last 35 years from originally supplying EPOS systems to small multi-branch retailers to an an award winning organisation now supplying systems worldwide covering retail management management management venue management management management event management management management and access control We haven’t finished yet either as we continue to innovate and ‘evolve’ with new products coming on stream We have recently launched a a a a a a a a a new range of of hardware products which you will see being installed as part of of our supply chain One name name you may not recognise is is is ‘Super-Touch’ This was our brand name name for the very first retail touch screen terminal terminal we launched way back in in in in 1995 In those days the terminal terminal was manufactured here in in in in UK but with increasing competition from Asian suppliers it it it it became more more and more more difficult to stay price competitive We are are still supplying top quality high specification terminals but they are are now manufactured at at a a a a a a a a a a factory in in in China To set them apart from other products on the the the the market we have also resurrected the the the the original brand name As pioneers of o touch screen in in retail you can be assured that our products offer cutting edge technology at at a a a a a a competitive price We have a a a a a a a a range of products from a a a a a a a a simple 8” handheld tablet up to terminals with a a a a a a a a 17” widescreen and everything in in between A new catalogue is is due out soon so so keep your eyes open for this arriving in in in in your your inbox or landing on your your desk With the the same restrictive conditions still in in place following this awful pandemic we know the the difficulties many businesses are having just keeping afloat and we we hope that within our magazine we we can both reflect the current situation and and also offer practical help and and advice which may prove beneficial to you An area of obvious concern at at the the moment is is Christmas what will it be like in in 2021? Following on on from the the disaster that was Christmas 2020 for many visitor attractions who had to to cancel events and special promotions it it looks as though there will be some form of of ‘normality’ this year Most of of our clients are planning special Christmas events and and entertainment and and we can see by the the numbers of tickets being sold that they are proving very attractive with with many sessions selling out within an an hour or two of going online During 2020 there was a a a a a a requirement for for all public events to be booked in advance and this still seems the preferred method for for ticket sales again this year Some venues are allowing ‘walk up’ admissions but not as as a a a a a a a a a a a a general rule as as one of our clients said recently when asked about this his his reply was “if we we have space we’re not going to turn anyone away” I’m sure that that this pragmatic approach would apply to to any venue that that is is is looking to to maximise its offering I hope that you all all have a a a a a a a a a a a a very successful and and profitable Christmas season and and we can all all look forward to 2022 and the opportunities that offers us On a a a a a a a a a a a a personal note I want to thank you you for reading our our magazine and assure you you that our our award winning solutions will continue to to be upgraded and enhanced to to provide the full range of venue management features and and and facilities that you demand and and and deserve Owen Gleadall Merlinsoft CEO
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