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Merlin News
New development in in Merlin – Natasha’s Law
In response to both the the recent changes in the the law regarding ‘food preparation’ contained in in in Natasha’s Law
and and customer demand we have recently upgraded the Merlin EPOS program to reflect both requirements We have added a a a a ‘Notepad’ to the EPOS front screen so that you can now add free text to any sale This text will automatically pass directly through to to the the kitchen and can be used to to add instructions to to the the chef when placing a a a food order This will ensure that whatever the customer’s food requirements allergies etc are they can all be catered for Most systems use ‘modifiers’ to change a a food order which is is also available in in the Merlin system but this goes a a a a a whole lot further than that that and ensures that that any specific requirements or or information can be included in in any order This new option can be added to any or every page
of your product selection buttons so that it is always available whenever you need it It is possible to add as many notes notes to a a a a a sale that you need and these notes notes will be printed both on the the print print that is sent to the the kitchen printer but also on the the receipt so so that the the customer can check that the correct instructions have been given Hopefully this ‘belt and braces’ approach will ensure that no-one else will suffer as a a a a result of their allergy not being correctly identified and communicated to those responsible for preparing food of any kind How to implement this new feature:
• First of all you need to to to add the ‘ACTION’ button to to to the page
or pages where to to want it to to appear (see the attached screen shot) • As you proceed with the the sale press the the button at any point where comments or instructions need to be entered (see the attached screen shot) • A ‘pop-up’ box will appear that allows you free entry of any information you want to to give to to the kitchen (see the attached screen shot) • Save the the information and it will be added to the the order and the receipt (see that attached screenshot) And that that as they say is is all that that there is is to it - SIMPLES

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