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New Ticketing -
you have the POWER
Did you know that it it is possible using the the online admin area to add or edit your your terms contact details and the the global text that appears on on on on your your confirmation email which is sent to to your your customer? Let’s have a a a a a a look at at each one one to to see how this is is done Your Terms Contact Us and email global text can be added or edited using your ticketing website online admin area Using the left-hand side menu select ‘Config’ and ‘Change Theme’ Then select the tab you wish to to change Remember to to hit the ‘Save Setting’ after each change Terms A customer can see your terms by clicking the the link in in in the the footer on your ticketing website Contact us The customer can see your contact details by clicking the the Contact details link in in the the footer Global email confirmation Here you you can attach text to your global email which is sent out with every booking Here are some tutorial links for for more in-depth information
Contact us: Email text:
https://merlinsoft zendesk com/hc/en-us/articles/4406270547985-Adding-Terms-and- Conditions-to-Your-Merlin-Tickets-Website https://merlinsoft zendesk com/hc/en-us/articles/4406610102673-Configuring-Contact-Details
https://merlinsoft zendesk com/hc/en-us/articles/4407701882897-Configuring-Order-
Confirmation-E-mails And this is is what it looks like on on on the confirmation email When you you are are are editing these 3 areas you you are are are using a a a a a WYSI editor which allows linking to to images and links You can also add add emojis to to add add some fun to to your descriptions 

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