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Our ambition when designing Merlin was to develop a single all-in-one system which could integrate all aspects of business intelligence. Today, in addition to a versatile range of stock management and performance insights, Merlins' Nominal Ledger functions are used to balance accounts and produce end-of-year financial reports.


All in One Business Management System

EPOS with Integrated accounts

  • Combines stock check-in and transaction data for accurate reports in real time
  • Works with Retail, Wholesale, Payroll, Admissions & Purchases
  • Automatically retrieves and allocates sales made online
  • Includes Sales order processing and invoicing tools
  • Purchase ledger, purchase ordering and invoicing.
  • Payment allocations and supplier aged invoice reports
  • Nominal ledger & Financial statement production

The record keeping capabilities of Merlin aren't limited to stock quantities and transactions, in fact, we've built in a range of functions to append to these records the true cost of sales. Following the same standardised accounting practices and terminology you would expect from any market leading accounting system, Merlin gives the power to you, as part of a single all-in-one system.

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As any independent business owner would agree, time and money are of critical importance when trying to devise business processes and procedures. No strangers to this idea, Artwords run two small family owned bookshops in London, and like most business owners, were susceptible to the burden of having to produce regular accounts and were facing one of two options, the time burden of producing them manually, or the cost burden of having these produced professionally, or by a branded accounting system.

Artwords opted for a third option, and by introducing Merlin, were able to bring their accounting in-house, as an extension of the EPOS system that was already saving time in front of house operations. Using a system to process accounts which already contains stock and transactional information meant that good bookkeeping was no longer a separate exercise, but was automatically produced from standard processes.

Using Merlin Back Office, Stock booked in can be accounted for, or deducted from one shop to be added to another. Supplier reports allow Artwords to ensure they are up-to date on all invoices, while comparable reporting allows the two stores to be analysed in terms of efficiency and performance, or easily conjoined to form end of year reports.

Artwords Bookshop a Merlinsoft Customer

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