Increasing secondary spend at your visitor attraction (Part 2)

2. Retail Merchandising: One area that is sadly neglected in many venues is the retail offering. I’m aware that you’re not all high street retailers but you do need to be aware of the opportunities available from good quality products and merchandising. Back to that comment of ‘captive audience’ where here it can be a […]

Increasing secondary spend at your visitor attraction

1. On-Line ticket sales: The real advantages of on-line tickets sales are two-fold: a) The visitor pays upfront and you have the money irrespective of whether they attend or not! b) Psychologically, as they have paid in advance, they still have the entry money in their pockets! If you link merchandise to ticket sales as […]

Staying Safe Online with Merlin

Staying Safe Online The Internet is an important part of life in today’s society. Social media, work, shopping and banking is now common occurrence online. So it’s important to be careful with your personal data. Scams have become more effective with their increased sophistication, so people need to be even more vigilant. Read our non-technical […]

How does EPOS work for retail?

How does EPOS work for retail? While the success of most established brands is now leveraged behind optimised supply chains and huge economies of scale, the secret to exponential growth is just as achievable for the sole trader as it is for multinational organisations. Mastering the formula has lead to success for many leading retailers, […]

July 2018 News Roundup

In this new section, we’ll be reviewing the latest trends and developments within the UK tourism market. This month, our focus is on the economy and some of the biggest and brightest projects across the British Isles. Tourism on the rise thanks to weak pound Figures have been published for UK’s inbound tourism in 2017, […]

Should Museums Charge for Admission?

One of the most difficult challenges for museums is defining a charging structure that offers value for money, promotes long-term growth, meets fundraising objectives and encourages engagement from both local and tourist populations. We were lucky enough to catch a seminar given by DC research on their AIM commissioned study at the Museums & Heritage […]

Merlin Tickets, Official Ticketing Partners

As part of our commitment to improving our online ticketing system, we recently ran a live trial with Mid-Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce (MYCCI) to provide online booking, check-in and delegate badge printing for their largest annual event, the Kirklees Business Conference. Our objective was to pilot some of our newly developed tools in a live […]