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In this digital age we live in where everything seems to be electronic and online, from banking to shopping. Most of us use these services and are now part of our everyday lives, created for our convenience. However there are still millions of people in the UK who have never used the internet.

The BBC has started a campaign to get these people online, this campaign called First click is to coincide with get online week, a national initiative which runs from October 18 to 24. The campaign is working with partners such as Race Online 2012, UK online centres, the post office and Age UK.

Statistics from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show that across the UK, 18% of adults have never used the internet, this equates to around 9 million people. This is however on the decrease as in 2009 over 10 million people had never used the internet, so over a million have now been online.

The ONS reports that there are around 7 million households without internet access in 2010, the main reasons behind this are that they didn’t need it, they didn’t have the skills necessary to use the internet and that it was too expensive.

Age also seems to be one of the strongest factors, with 99% of all 16 – 24 year olds using the internet but only 40% of the 65 and overs having logged on. Men are also more likely to be online with 16% of men having never been online versus the 21% of women that haven’t.

The BBC’s aim along with their partners is to raise awareness of the ease of using the internet, the benefits it brings and to show that there are ways and means of learning and the internet isn’t such a scary place.

To learn more about how to get online or how to help others, go to and get involved.

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This is a great initiative from the BBC and good to see that you are helping spread the word!