Mary Portas praises Barnsley Market

Television retail analyst Mary Portas has completed her government-backed review into the future of the local High Street and is warning that the sector is reaching “crisis point”.

She outlines he proposals for a National Market Day and relaxation of rules to make it easier to set up street stalls in order to reinvigorate the High Street. Barnsley Market received specific recognition in the report for how easy it is for people to get started in business.

Speaking on The Today programme on Radio 4 this morning, retail expert Mary Portas told interviewer Sarah Montague that the best market she had been to was Barnsley because you can put a table out for £10 and get started.

Mary was speaking about the publication of her government-commissioned report which calls for red tape to be cut to help town centres flourish. The report outlines 28 steps that need to be taken to improve the retail sector. 12 of these steps can be carried out locally and out of the 12, Barnsley are doing all them.

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Barnsley Market

Great to hear! Barnsley Market is going from strength to strength.