The change in trends with the emergence of “Black Friday” to the UK retail market

Black Friday has been an American tradition for many years, the day following Thanksgiving since 1932 is synonymous with sales. The UK in recent years have adopted this day in an effort to boost sales during the recession. 
Being very successful but also controversial since it’s launch in the UK, with people fighting to get their discounted HD TVs, people and children getting trampled on and damage to shops with added cost for employing security to ensure order. 
Since the vast amount of trouble year on year and bad press from the media customers have turned to technology to solve some of these issues. 
Amazon have started a “Deals Week”, hot ticket items have been increased in stock, maximum quantities have been used to limit the amount of items a person can buy in one transaction and an extra day “Cyber Monday” added to give people an extra chance of buying their new TV or Laptop at a discounted price. 
All of these solutions are good news to the consumer as it gives more opportunity to buy the items they need online without leaving the house and queuing up outside a supermarket at 4am in the terrible British winter weather. 
Selling items online also has it’s pitfalls. For deals sold online that are known to be popular can cause huge surges in traffic and can shut down a website in seconds, frustrating consumers and losing trust in their brand. Look at the recent “Dismaland” debarkle from famous unknown artist “Banksy”, where tickets were only available online, and had lots of interest. So much interest that it cause the website to shut down and annoy all the customers trying to buy tickets… which was quite fitting in this example as that was kind of the point with “Dismaland”.
To overcome this consumers have again turned to technology companies for the answer, creating a “queue” system for website, and lets face it in Britain we know how to queue. Only a limited amount of traffic is allowed on a website at anyone time, when they drop out more are let in, giving the consumer a chance to login and get the item they want without damaging the reputation of the business in the process. 
It’s these trends, and technology advancements that keep consumers coming back, and by keeping up with technology you as a business can help your clients stay happy and more importantly spending more. 
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