Improving your Customer Experience

Museums, parks, castles, zoos, gardens, palaces, abbeys, the list goes on! How many of these have you been to? The visitor attraction industry is forever growing and customers are becoming spoilt for choice. But are they visiting yours?

Visitor experience is an extremely important factor and companies should be constantly trying to find new ways of improving this. Companies should be aiming to exceed their customers’ expectation every time they visit attractions; only then will the customers return. The main objective here is to minimise customer effort and this will demonstrate a positive impact upon the visitor experience.

Creating a positive customer experience means making it easy for the customer; put yourself in their shoes, what don’t you like about visiting attractions? Waiting in long queues and spending a lot of money are probably two of the main reasons that discourage customers from visiting. Technology creates opportunities for companies to increase customer satisfaction and it enables a more effective and efficient solution. A solution which is most beneficial to businesses, as well as customers, is online ticketing.

Benefits to the customer means that it is much faster than standing in a queue or waiting on the phone. As much as people in Britain like to boast about how patient we are and how good our queuing etiquette is, you still can’t deny that the sight of a long line is frustrating. It is also much cheaper, companies encourage customers to buy online and to do this they offer discounts and special promotions. Naturally, companies like to cut down on the amount of work they have and as always, customers revel at the thought of saving money. A win-win, wouldn’t you say? Accessibility is a major feature that customers also benefit from. This starts from the company’s website; is it smart phone and tablet friendly? It is guaranteed that most customers will buy their tickets when they are out and about, browsing the internet. What is the point of a website if no one can access it? People may see a flyer and want to book online wherever they are and you, as a company, need to be able to provide this. Furthermore, customers will want to have e-tickets as well as the paper tickets the can print off at home, saving on postage for the customer and admin for you.

Before you ask, yes, there are benefits to businesses too! One of the main advantages of getting your customers to book online is the collection of essential data. As customers book online, you can create a database and with this be able to plan marketing campaigns in the future on a personal level. In doing so, the percentage of customers returning is a lot higher. Maybe entice them with an offer too! In addition, having customers book online means companies incur less costs, which is always a plus. It also induces a more ethical approach to companies; less paper means a reduction in carbon footprint. Customers like to see that businesses are ‘green’ and making a step towards sustainability.

Social networking plays a big part in all of this. Everyone loves to post updates and statuses and it’s always a good idea be included in all of these. It not only gets you free publicity but it gives you brand visibility which is ever so important, especially in the visitor attraction industry.

MerlinSoft offers an integrated solution for online ticketing and venue management. We work with visitor attractions all over the world to ensure we are giving you the exact tools you need to offer an exceptional visitor experience. Our websites are built to your specification to ensure your brand matches your website; we don’t use templates we build your website from the ground up. You have total control over tickets and events, as well as all of the customer data that is collected for your use at no extra cost.

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