Santa’s Little Helper

2016-12-05Tis’ the season to be jolly! Christmas is a celebration for most, being around friends and family celebrating in different ways. But what do we dread the most about Christmas? Shopping! It can be frustrating trying to get through hundreds of other shoppers, thinking about those picky gifts to get and balancing several bags between two hands. But do you ever think about retailers and what they must have to go through to make sure their customers are happy at this busy time of year? Making sure they have items in store, making sure everything is working right, keeping a smile on their face, keeping in time with deliveries etc. It’s a lot of hard work and it can be even harder if retailers do not have the right systems in place. Retailers need to be prepared weeks in advanced, maybe months.

A vital part of a retailers business is the management of stock. Every retailer knows the importance of this and they spend weeks making sure everything is up to date and ready for the festive season but even then shoppers are unpredictable. They can still run out of items and need more stock as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this becomes difficult when customers become disappointed which is something retailers hope to never experience.

So how can retailers keep up with the madness that is Christmas? Retail technology!

Retailers need a fully integrated and adaptable EPOS system in order to manage their business efficiently and effectively. These systems provide ample opportunities to grow and manage.

The system allows retailers to cut queues and waiting times, and therefore speed up transactions. The system can have permissions whereby only specific functions can be available to certain employees; this prevents the risks of human error especially during busy times. The system also allows you to keep an accurate track of sales and stock and therefore have access to extensive reports which is useful in the long run.

The stock management is easier as the system notifies you when the stock is low and can produce an automatic re-order from your preferred supplier. Being able to manage everything from one system and database is a major advantage when it comes to running the business successfully. In addition to this, having an integrated website will improve and further increase sales and demand. Many companies have online catalogues and or have the ability to sell items online which is possible using a capable EPOS system.

This is also the same with visitor attractions at Christmas too, even Santa can’t see every child in a day (apart from Christmas day of course) and although tickets aren’t stock items, they are usually stock restricted. The best way to manage the flood of visitors would be to set and stagger times throughout the day. Then 2000 visitors aren’t going to demand to see Santa at the same time and all complain that the queues are too long. Set intervals every half hour and ease the flow of visitors, also allowing online pre-booking then you know exactly who and what to expect on the day.

MerlinSoft Ltd can provide all of the above and more. Its system is designed to withstand busy periods and make old complex methods effortless. Merlin is constantly evolving with our in house developers able to meet demands for new developments as our customers need them. We’re not just a provider of retail and attraction software, we’re a partner and work with you to ensure it’s the software you need.