How does EPOS work for retail?

While the success of most established brands is now leveraged behind optimised supply chains and huge economies of scale, the secret to exponential growth is just as achievable for the sole trader as it is for multinational organisations. Mastering the formula has lead to success for many leading retailers, paving the way to multi-site chains and record profits year on year.

The ultimate objective in retail is a business which operates like a well oiled machine, seamlessly delivering excellent customer experience while maximising commercial opportunity. To tap into the unlimited growth potential of retail, you must start with the two core words at the heart of every successful business: continual improvement.

In terms of business intelligence, the retail sector offers unparalleled opportunity for sales analysis. Every transaction is an indication of your target audience and their preferences, and every product left unsold is quietly signalling to you that your all important shelf space has unrealised potential. EPOS technology has been designed and refined to harness this information into a range of in-depth, customisable and meaningful reports.

The potential of EPOS goes beyond optimising product and supplier selection. Digitisation of records means that purchase orders and ledger accounts can be automatically generated, drastically reducing administration time. In addition, integrated store card features create the opportunity to track purchasing behaviours over time, and reward your loyal customers with exclusive and tactical offers.

When we designed our EPOS system, we did so with the businesses in mind that would thrive with the right tools, which is why you will find scalability to be an integral part of our service. From the sole trader to the multinational organisation, our solution is ready to connect and maximise your business.

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