In the days after an event it’s easy to rest on your laurels and bask in the afterglow somewhat. Why shouldn’t you? An awful lot of work went into it and it’s nice to no longer be ‘on the clock’ for a while.  If you can muster up the energy, there are a few things that you can do to get even more from your efforts.

Social Media Promotions

Thanks to all the great photographs you took, the members of your social media team (which is quite possibly longhand for “you”) have a load of material to work with. If you didn’t get chance to do it during the event, retweet the messages people sent out with your hashtag – it never hurts to show how well it went after the fact and helps build a buzz of interest for the follow up event (oh, you didn’t think you were going to do another one?). Don’t forget to tag people in the images you distribute via your social media channels. If you had a guest speaker or a star turn, thanking them through your social medial channels is a great way to get reciprocal promotion as they’re always going to retweet messages from happy customers.

Email Followups

If you have another event to promote, of course you’re likely to want to contact attendees of your previous event. Who wouldn’t? However, it’s always worth sending out an email saying thank you with no sales material attached. It’s good to talk, right? Creating a space where the photographs you took are uploaded to makes a lot of sense too. It works as a thank you (people love seeing if they or their friends/colleagues appear in your photographs) and, once again, it provides another reason for people to keep on talking about the event.  

The Next Event

Is the thought of doing all that work again filling you with dread? Let’s hope not, because having done one event, the next one is always much easier as, even if you don’t realise it, lessons will have been learned. Whether the event went swimmingly or didn’t quite meet your expectations, things will have happened, or opportunities will have presented themselves, that allow you to make any subsequent events that bit better or run that little bit smoother.

A debrief is a fantastic opportunity to make sense of everything that happened. There will be some things that you thought were a good idea that proved ultimately unnecessary – they can be cut from future events, making them even more profitable; other things will have occurred to you during the event that you wish you had done at the time. Getting all these things noted down somewhere will help towards making the next event even better. Even if you’re convinced that you’re never doing it again, jot it down anyway – the days after your event are the perfect time to reflect upon the positives and negatives and you might be surprised how many transferable learning opportunities the experience will have provided.