Silver Lining in Volcanic Ash Cloud

Despite the chaos the volanic ash has caused over Europe, at least there is a silver lining for photographers. There have been some spectacular volcanic sunsets over recent days. The following pictures were taken by Andrew on Friday 16th April looking across the Derwent valley in Derbyshire from Froggatt Edge.

Which political party will really support retail?

Having listened to an interview with the head of BCC on Radio 5 it made me wonder just which party is committed to supporting the retail sector. There is talk of an end to recession but yet retailing is still very cautious about this claim. With 60% of this country’s GDP being attributable to retailing surely there must be some positive ideas coming from government as to how they are planning to stimulate this sector. We have heard of a possible increase in VAT to 20% or adding VAT to some food products or an increase in National Insurance Contributions (possibly leading to job losses). None of these actions would seem to stimulate high street spending in my opinion so, taking all this into account, who do you think British Retail should support at the election?

Internal Easter Competition

To inject a bit of fun into the workplace, here at Merlin we decided to run an internal competition to dress our rabbits. the winner would get a rather large Easter egg.

Below are the entrants… The winner has already been chosen, but who did you like?

punk rabbit
Melvin's punk rabbit
pennys Spider bun
penny's spider bun
Alisons Dancing bunny
Alison's dancing bunny
Lees Bat bun
Lee's bat bun
Vickie's wizard
Owen's dogs dinner
And the winner is..... Vickie
And the winner is..... Vickie

Race online 2012 for Barnsley

Barnsley are committed to getting 100% of their citizens online by 2012 as part of the Race online 2012 scheme from HM Government. The project from Barnsley council named “Totally online Barnsley” aims not only about the access to technology, but to help give the citizens of Barnsley new skills with computers with the aim to up employability.

Along with publicly-funded work placements, Barnsley council is staking much of its future on the digital revolution: 80% of South Yorkshire will be connected to next generation broadband over the next three years.

Yorkshire Minister Rosie Winterton said: “This will place South Yorkshire in the forefront of technological change, and will put the sub-region in a much stronger position to be able to benefit from the up-turn when it comes.”

Barnsley Council’s principal European and regional strategy officer, Martin Cantor, says: β€œIn Barnsley we’ve chosen to set ourselves this very ambitious target… What we mean by 100 per cent online is that everybody in the borough understands what is in it for them and has the confidence and the skills to get where they want to be in the digital world.”

To see how you can get involved, visit

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Merlin Software on the red carpet

Merlin Software Ltd and one of their interns have been shortlisted for awards at the Yorkshire internship awards on wednesday the 31st of March.

Merlin Software Ltd are up for employer of the year, and our web development intern is up for intern of the year.

Here is a list of all the nominees;

Mosaic Events
Trustmarque Solutions
Merlin Software
Digital Entrepreneurs
Hull Truck Theatre Company
Dudley Child Executive Recruitment
Patchett Homes
BG Media

We are happy to announce shortlisted Interns as follows::
Patient Opinion: Lauren Ivory
Merlin Software: Lee Todd
Digital Entrepreneurs: Joe Winson
MK Things Happen: Rachel Smith
Hull Truck: Tom Saunders
Train4Food: Alec Lyne
Dudley Child Executive Recruitment: Stephanie Gray
Network Intergration LLP: Jonathan Riley
HR180: Isobel Carruthers
Mosaic Events: Derfogail Delcassian
Drax Power Limited: Matt Cockcroft
United by Design: Annabel Eager

We wish the very best to all of them.


Merlin Software Ltd

Keep an eye on how well your website performs with Google Analytics!

Recently i have been asked how do i keep an eye on how my website performs without paying for any extra services.

Well the answer is easy, Google Analytics!

Google analytics is completley free to use and lets you keep an eye on exactly how many visitors and visitors you receive aswel as their geographical location. Its a good way to see exactly how people reach your site and the most popular pages, so that way you know exactly how to best promote parts of your website to best effect!

The way you add your website is by signing up to analytics and pasting a peice of javascript onto the bottom of each page you want to be registered on analytics.

A good feature of the software is to add filters and exclude the IP address(s) where you are accessing the website from, if not then the results could be wrong, especially if you keep searching through your own website.

Merlin at the Convenience retailing Show!

Sunday was the start of the CRS, and with a lot of preparation gone into ensuring that everything runs smoothly, we want to know your opinion!

How was the event for you? What did you find good or bad about the show? who did you visit?

Here is the place to have your say because your opinion matters!

Empty shops keeps retail in recession!

With the latest survey stating that 1 in 5 of all retail shops are currently standing empty and up to 1 in 4 in some towns, I question what evidence the government have used to show that UK plc is out of recession! With the latest figure showing only 0.1% growth is it just me that thinks this could be an election publicity stunt?

Welcome to the new Merlin Software blog!

Well…. its taken us a while to finally get a blog, but better late than never as they say.

So to kick off, we’d like to get some feedback and opinions from you, new, old or potential customers of Merlin as well as anyone with an opinion on what you would like to see on your EPOS system? Improvements? things that are good with the software? areas to improve on? what you expect from us?

As a company who are constantly expanding and evolving with our customers needs, your feedback is important to us and all of our users.

Theres no time to lose…. get posting!