Steps To Event Success: Promotion

Thanks to the work you’ve already done, you’re crystal clear on: – Who the event is for – Where to hold it – When to hold it – What date/time to hold it on Fantastic! People are going to flock to your event and it’ll be a roaring success. Let’s start thinking about the follow […]

Increasing secondary spend at your visitor attraction (Part 2)

2. Retail Merchandising: One area that is sadly neglected in many venues is the retail offering. I’m aware that you’re not all high street retailers but you do need to be aware of the opportunities available from good quality products and merchandising. Back to that comment of ‘captive audience’ where here it can be a […]

Increasing secondary spend at your visitor attraction

1. On-Line ticket sales: The real advantages of on-line tickets sales are two-fold: a) The visitor pays upfront and you have the money irrespective of whether they attend or not! b) Psychologically, as they have paid in advance, they still have the entry money in their pockets! If you link merchandise to ticket sales as […]

Merlin partners up for new E-Ticketing solution

2010 has been a great year for Merlin, and we’re not finished yet. This year at the Leisure Industry Week (LIW) show, Merlin will be announcing their new partnership with TYGIT and Omega security systems, called Expert ticket.

Race online 2012 for Barnsley

Barnsley are committed to getting 100% of their citizens online by 2012 as part of the Race online 2012 scheme from HM Government. The project from Barnsley council named “Totally online Barnsley” aims not only about the access to technology, but to help give the citizens of Barnsley new skills with computers with the aim […]