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Gift-Aid Calculator & Propositioning
We pride ourselves on being the first company to achieve HMRC recognition for supporting the Gift-Aid initiative within an EPOS system. For the charity stores with whom we work, this means donor letters are automatically triggered once their goods have been sold; saving hundreds of hours of administration time and improving cash flow.

For the charitable trusts we serve within the visitor attractions sector, we integrate with AFD postcode lookup, allowing donors to be registered quickly and efficiently at point of sale. Our system automatically adds on the 10% minimum donation when orders are processed in this way.

Online Fundraising Support Tools

Online Fundraising Support Tools

As a feature of our Merlin Tickets software, Gift-Aid consent can also be declared and utilised by customers purchasing their tickets online. This can apply to all standard admission tickets and annual memberships, with the resulting declarations compiled within the Merlin Back-Office database for instant submission to HMRC.

On top of standard ticket sales, Merlin Online allows card payment donations to be made individually, or as an add-on to any purchased admission or event tickets. When processed with one of our leading payment partners, donations made through Merlin Tickets are also highly competitive, and work out cheaper than most branded services.

EPOS till and laptop with Merlin Online

Total Sales & Performance Reporting

Image showing reporting in Merlin back office

Integrated Sales & Performance Reporting

Merlin is one of few systems to offer true integration between all business areas, offering a unique oversight over performance and profitability on both a focused and broad level. For retail, this creates the conditions for effective resource planning. Meanwhile, our charitable attractions benefit from detailed performance reviews of the strongest and weakest contributing product lines.

On an individual level, our EPOS user reports are effective in identifying performance concerns as can be common with volunteer hires, going as far as to identify which team members are most and least effective at presenting the Gift-Aid proposition to your visitors.

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