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Merlin is a powerful retail management tool designed to fit with every aspect of your business. Our easy to use point of sale module and function-rich back office suite make it perfect for every level of user. For more information on our core functionality, click here.

We know that every sector is different so we offer tailored modules to meet the needs of specific sectors.

Merlin 'Convenience' will automatically control all types of items you may stock. These products can include weighed goods, newspapers and publications and multiple pack sizes. You can also create and produce your own special bar-codes for those locally produced items or where you have split large packs down into smaller retail units.

Key points to consider:

  1. Processing transactions quickly to help keep queues at bay
  2. Sell to any type of customer, including account sales ... you can even have trade accounts if required
  3. Set up any number of special offers and special prices at any time or date, giving flexibility on all types of sales promotions
  4. Direct Product Profitability for ALL items
  5. Automatically produce bar-code labels for special items
  6. Track all sales for management information and re-ordering
  7. Allows for the operation of special loyalty schemes
  8. Integrates fully into the total retail operation with no need for external or 3rd party software
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