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Having designed one of the World's first touchscreen EPOS system that could be wall mounted, the OliTouch in 1995, we as a company have unparalleled expertise in developing and refining point of sale systems.

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Easy to use till software

Easy to use till software

  • Unlimited customisable menu space using Hot Pages
  • Sell items of any size, weight or type
  • Membership discounts & sales reporting
  • Integrated card payments
  • Easily scan & setup temporary products
  • Advanced sales reporting
  • Create up-selling prompts at point of sale
  • Auto-generated purchase orders at pre-set stock levels

When we set out to design Merlin 8, we started with the concept of an easy to use point-of-sale system which could be used by employees intuitively. To achieve this, we created a user interface which is easy to navigate and fully customisable, which offers powerful features at the touch of a button.

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Antler luggage LTD

At the time of their original system upgrade, Antler had within their brand a total of 81 sales locations working as distributors for their branded range of specialist luggage. They opted to improve their retail IT software to add efficiency and accountability to their retail operations.

By introducing a range of touchscreen point of sale systems, we improved Antler's capacity to maintain electronic records of transactions and customers, to be reviewed on a per-site basis, or from their head office of operations. This digital record keeping meant that site performance could easily be compared on a like for like basis, allowing best practices to be highlighted and shared across all locations.

Using the purchase order controls within Merlin, senior staff at each sales location would be able to generate stock requests in PDF format, which could be sent to suppliers directly or via head-office, depending on the product. Localised controls in this manner meant that local stores could quickly respond to trends and shortfalls, to maximise their commercial potential.

Having worked closely with Antler for a number of years, we have throughout our relationship implemented a number of commissioned developments to more closely align the Merlin system with their ever changing needs. It is thanks to this versatility within our service that we still enjoy working with Antler to date.

Antler Luggage a Merlin Customer

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