Complete Event Management Systems

Box-Office and Online Sales
With Merlin Tickets, you can sell event tickets online using a fully branded booking portal. This works as a standalone service, or integrated cleanly with a Merlin 8 management system to process cash sales on the door. Using our software you can sell any number of events, with any number of ticket variations, that can easily be replicated to run at multiple times or days.

Using Add-ons, you can also choose to up-sell via face-to-face or online to promote optional extras associated with your event, such as guides, special talks or merchandise. Your booking process can also be customised to collect essential visitor information, such as allergies, dietary requirements or accessibility needs.

Queue Management Systems

Queue Management Systems

Make a great first impression with a professional reception to your event. Merlin Tickets' Queue Buster and Fully Integrated packages can be used to scan and redeem printed or mobile-based tickets, instantly printing out souvenir tickets, name badges, or coupons to be used on-site.

Take full control over your event with Merlin tablet-based systems, which can be readily deployed across any serviced business area to alleviate rushes and bottlenecks. With Merlin Queue Buster, you can seamlessly migrate staff from entrance registration to catering to take orders for the lunchtime rush.

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Visitor Reporting, Marketing Data & CRM

Image showing reporting in Merlin back office

Visitor Reporting, Marketing Data & CRM

As the event manager, you decide what information you collect throughout the customer registration process, and the data is yours alone to use. Using GDPR compliant opt-in marketing consent checkboxes, you can have confidence in your ability to follow up with your guests and promote future events. For larger events organisers, our Merlin 8 full package includes CRM integration with one of the leading and most cost-effective service providers, Zoho. This grants unparallelled freedom and control when setting up a remarketing strategy to ensure no opportunity is left behind.

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