EPOS Systems for
Bars & Restaurants

Time Saving Hospitality Features
Introduce fluid and instantaneous communication between your service areas. Merlin conditional printing allows you to associate a printing location with each stock file, optimising lead-times and allowing you to introduce specialisation to your venue; where order taking and order fulfillment can function simultaneously.

With tablet-based Merlin systems, you can take orders remotely, and when used in combination with conditional printing, send orders with table numbers directly to the relevant section. For example, a typical order could send drinks orders to the bar, starters to the starter chef, and mains to the grill, while you concentrate on great service.

Stock Management and Automation

Stock Management and Automation

Underneath the intuitive Merlin EPOS system, you will find Merlin Back Office, a user interface which connects into an expansive and reactive database, which includes controls for suppliers, sales order processing, stock transfers for multi-site, and a range of sophisticated stock file controls.

Within Back Office's stock files lies the potential to automatically produce purchase orders when stock levels reach their individually set trigger amounts, ordering predetermined quantities, from your preferred suppliers; while maintaining effective accounts records.

Image showing Merlin EPOS

Performance management for continual growth

Image showing reporting in Merlin back office

Performance management for continual growth

Easily identify best and worst performing products over custom date ranges with specially designed reports included in Merlin Back Office. Track sales over time to identify seasonal and even hourly purchasing trends, and use this information for future resource planning and to assess the efficiency of new sales initiatives.

Using EPOS user reports, you can review the sales performance of your front-of-house staff, and quickly identify any trends of excessive discounting, returns, or transactions voided. Use sales by agent reporting to define key performance indicators, and use this information to set targets and incentives.

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