Complete Leisure &
Members Club Management Systems

Admissions, Merchandise, Activities, Cafe & Bar
With Merlin 8, you can unite any number of departments within a single management system. This gives you the power to oversee total business performance at the touch of a button, and track average spend throughout an entire visit.

Using our conditional print functions, restaurants can easily send drinks orders to the bar and food cheques to the restaurant simultaneously. In the same way, you can confirm purchases remotely and in real-time when booking services or activities.

Take control of Memberships and Renewals

Take control of Memberships and Renewals

Merlin Memberships take the leg-work out of retention. Members can be registered at any point of sale, through the back-office suite, or even online. Memberships can be automatically confirmed in writing, complete with personalised cards printed within Merlin, with reminder letters sent when contracts are due for renewal.

Retentions can be triggered at point of sale once a membership is used, at a set time before the end-date. When a membership is confirmed by card or search function, this can be used to automatically apply a range of premium benefits, such as discounts or free entry.

Image showing Merlin EPOS

Total Sales & Performance Reporting

Screen grab of reporting in Merlin back office

Total Sales & Performance Reporting

The sales information collected by Merlin can provide invaluable insights to improve future business performance. Where memberships have been used at point of sale, for example, the transactional information can provide invaluable insight into visitor behaviour and spending habits.

Merlin presents a unique vantage point over all transactional areas of your business, and can quickly identify the most and least profitable business areas, so you can make informed management decisions which optimise your overall service offering.

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