Integrated membership features

Membership functions built-in

Encouraging repeat custom is a crucial aspect of the long term strategy of any venue. By retaining and rewarding existing customers, you build advocacy, loyalty, and overall perception of your brand.


Membership Tools for Growth

Membership Tools for Growth

  • Individual product discounting for up to 5 tiers of membership
  • Print membership cards on registration
  • Sell memberships online
  • Set-up automatic prompts to renew when close to expiration
  • Automatically generate welcome letters
  • Scan cards to report on visitor spend and behaviour

The membership features built into Merlin 8 have been designed with the help of our customers within the visitor attractions sector. Memberships form an important part of our system and link into other business areas to deliver insight and utility.

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Pensthorpe Natural Park

Pensthorpe Natural Park is a leading tourist attraction in Norfolk which celebrated its 30th birthday in July 2018. The site charges visitors admission, runs regular events and activities, including wildlife tours. They also operate a cafe, gift shop and exhibition room, as well as boasting many natural features ideal for family days out.

The Pensthorpe Estate is the home to the Pensthorpe conservation trust, which regularly runs initiatives to preserve and enhance the area for future generations. In order to continue their work, Pensthorpe rely on fundraising, retention and engagement from their target audience.

When we introduced Merlin to Pensthorpe Natural Park, we did so in the capacity of a full venue management system which covered admissions, retail and memberships. By unifying these business areas, Pensthorpe was not only able to offer sitewide benefits of membership, including free admission and 10% discounts on catering and retail; but this also meant that visitor behaviour could be tracked and reported on later.

Using Merlin Back-Office, Pensthorpe can now effectively find out average visitor spend, visit frequency, and share of member purchases for particular products or services. This works in addition to the reporting features built into Merlin 8, which can provide insight into retail, salesperson and event performance. The sharing of information works both ways, in that by registering as members, supporters of Pensthorpe automatically recieve letters and renewal reminders, as well as important park updates and information sent out by the park.

Finally, Merlin 8's EPOS & Merlin Tickets' online features bring the whole package together. Memberships can be sold at front of house or Online, and renewals can be prompted at point of sale when cards are scanned. Declarations of consent for Gift-Aid to be claimed are collected at both points of sale, granting Pensthorpe up to an additional 25% on all admission sales through the scheme.

Pensthorpe Natural Park a Merlin Customer

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