Complete Multi-Site
Management Systems

Modular, Scalable and Connected
Designed as a system which can be used with venues of any size, Merlin specialises in consolidating business areas by introducing a network of shared transactional information. This network can run in the literal sense, between any number of connected computers using Merlin Net, or across multiple geographically split areas using Merlin WSP.

This approach means that our system is scalable with your business, offering the potential to add, remove or change terminals on demand; all without sacrificing centralised control and reporting on demand.

Sell any kind of product or service from one system

Sell any kind of product or service from one system

With our roots in Retail EPOS development, Merlin has strong foundations in catering to products of any size or type, including clothing, donated goods, one-off products, multi-item deals and discounted products - without sacrificing accurate stock valuations and sales reporting.

As a result of our specialisation in Venue management, you will also find within Merlin a number of more specialised features. These include sophisticated controls for Memberships, Admissions, Events & tendered services.

Image showing Merlin EPOS

Total Sales & Performance Reporting

Image showing reporting in Merlin back office

Total Sales & Performance Reporting

The sales information collected by Merlin provides invaluable insights into your businesses performance. From each terminal, or from a Back-Office administrator PC, you will be able to draw from a range of advanced reports into sales performance and profitability.

By consolidating your transactional records to a single database, your reports can not only assess multiple sites on a like-for-like basis, but also provide the foundations to automatically compile company accounts, forecasts and budgets for future operations.

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