Booking Management Software
for Railways, Tours & Boat Trips

Manage retail, cafe and tours within one system
Merlin is an all-in-one system which brings retail, catering and tour operations into a single software package. This means you can sell or amend tour reservations from any point of sale, introduce site-wide membership discounts - while using these to track visitor spending habits, and quickly redeploy staff to bottlenecks unabated by training concerns.

For retail, Merlin expertly handles any kind of product file, including clothing and weighted goods. In catering applications, mobile printing means that food cheques can be directed instantly to a kitchen printer. For tours, we've included a range of controls, allowing each tour type to run at different times, on different days, with different ticket types, each run with its own maximum booking capacity.

Easily sell tours & bookings online

Easily sell tours & bookings online

The same comprehensive tour options available at point of sale can also be chosen online through our exclusive booking portal, Merlin Tickets. Customers can choose a date, time slot and ticket type through our user friendly, AA compliant booking site, which will be setup to match your branding, and even embedded within your own website with our widget.

When bookings are placed online, your customers receive an email confirmation, which includes a unique barcoded ticket to be scanned at point of sale. Your Merlin point of sale will instantly reflect the new quantity available, and the payment will be directly sent to your account.

Laptop and phone demonstrating Merlin Online and Mobile

Integrated Accounts & Reporting Tools

Image showing reporting in Merlin back office

Integrated Accounts & Reporting Tools

By unifying sales administration across your business, you will benefit from a unique overview of business performance. Booking sales both in-house and online can be reported simultaneously, and sales by category reports can create quick side-by-side comparisons of all business areas.

The reports that Merlin produces are comprehensive and versatile, letting you drill down into dates, times, products, categories, tills and users, to assess sales volume, wastage and profitability. What's more, with effective purchase ledger entries, these reports can be expanded upon to produce company account ledgers.

Sell Railway tours & bookings online

Merlin Tickets fully integrates with Merlinsoft allowing you to sell your tours, tickets and take bookings online using the same stock file so you never oversell. This also comes in handy for reporting, seeing how many of your sales come from online vs how many purchase on the EPOS.

We allow you to keep all of your customers data for marketing purposes at no extra cost, and we will never re-sell any of this information and is all fully GDPR compliant.

You can sell unlimited ticket types with restricted or unlimited quantities.

Offer discounts to people who pre-book by allowing dynamic pricing in EPOS vs online.

If you're just dipping your toes in, then we also offer website only with free setup. To get an idea of how your site could run, have a play with our demo site on the right and book yourself on to our tour.

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