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User friendly interface and product management
Merlin provides industry leading transactional functions for the most versatile of retail businesses, allowing you to implement the most suitable procedures for your stores. Utilise barcode scanning or customisable hot-pages to efficiently process transactions, and quickly register and utilise store cards to automatically apply eligible discounts.

Within Merlin Back-office, sophisticated stock management allows you to establish automatic stock replenishment thresholds, where each stock file has its own unique trigger level, reorder quantity and preferred supplier. Back Office is versatile enough to manage any type of stock file, with each entry hosting a comprehensive array of useful tools.

Full accounting support built-in

Full accounting support built-in

As a comprehensive stock management and transaction processing solution, Merlin already collects the majority of the financial information required to produce your annual accounts. Building on these features, Merlin provides the tools to maintain suppliers, dispute transactions and quantify aged debtors and creditors.

Retailers who use Merlin to its fullest potential can save thousands in accountancy fees and branded software licenses. We empower you to create and maintain ledgers and balance sheets when you need them, with minimal administration, allowing you to concentrate on your business rather than in it.

Products being scanned

Multi-site and Department Integration & Reporting

Screen grab of reporting in Merlin back office

Multi-site and Department Integration & Reporting

The Merlin system is modular and scalable, and manages transactions equally well whether they come from 1 or 100 separate terminals. Running over a local network means that transactional files will be routinely shared between machines to access a range of reports from anywhere. For multi-site retailers, we have WSP, which schedules a secure transfer of data to your head office for a detailed group oversight.

Our reports deliver crucial insight into sales volume, profitability and fulfilment across a myriad of dimensions. Such dimensions range from date and time, to more detailed drill-downs into specific stock categories, suppliers, or even individual salesperson performance.

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