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Management Systems

Admissions, Cafes and Gift Shops within one system
Manage your entire venue as a single business unit, or as separate departments with Merlin for seamless integration. Use Merlin Stock files to sell items or services of any kind, and customise EPOS layouts for quick access to the most relevant products.

Our foundations in retail make Merlin ideal for running Gift-Shops, able to maintain accurate stock records for products of any kind, including clothing. For restaurants, we support table numbers and remote printing. For tickets, Merlin supports all kinds of admissions, including events running at specific times with restricted quantities.

Sell Tickets Online with our integrated solution

Sell Tickets Online with our integrated solution

With Merlin Tickets, you can sell event tickets online using a fully branded booking portal. This works as a standalone service, or cleanly integrated with a Merlin 8 management system. Using our software you can sell any number of admission or event tickets, with any number of variations, that can easily be set to repeat conditionally by date and day of the week.

Your online booking portal can also be used as a membership registration platform, and to proposition Gift-Aid to your visitors, letting you claim an additional 25% of the admission ticket value, in addition to the 10% minimum donation required to qualify. All tickets, memberships and Gift-Aid declarations collected through the platform will be automatically compiled into sales reports within Merlin 8.

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Total Sales & Performance Reporting

Image showing reporting in Merlin back office

Total Sales & Performance Reporting

Merlin automatically compiles transactional information from all points of sale, including online, allowing you to make use of a broad holistic oversight of your commercial performance across all business areas. Our reporting features are customisable and come complete with drill-down features to focus on individual points of sale, departments, categories, date ranges or sales agents.

With Merlin Memberships, you can investigate visitor behaviour and average spend as transactional information is recorded at each touchpoint with your attendees. Use this information to create personalised value propositions to increase repeat visits and retention.

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