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Online booking and ticketing for any type of event. Liaise with your attendees to offer a comprehensive package tailored to their specific needs. Any catering requirements can also be ordered and paid for in advance so that you are aware of what is required and for when.


Get conferences off on the right foot with welcome emails after the booking, reminder emails 24 hours ahead of the event and even automatic name badge printing on arrival. Once the event is over the system will also send out a 'thank you for attending' email.


Whatever type and size of event you are planning, from a small business meeting to a full sized conference, our powerful booking and ticketing solutions provide attendees with an unmistakable air of reassuring quality.


Effective solutions for changing times


Comprehensive booking information for attendees, organisers and event operators whether the event is in a large conference centre or even in a field the system will easily cope with all eventualities. Tablets and Smartphones can also be used to validate and redeem any tickets bought, even if there is no Internet connection available.


Conferences attract a host of potential future customers - ensure that the events they experience give them the right impression every time.

Effortlessly effective/

Powerful solutions for conference co-ordinators to keep attendees informed and impressed - both before, during and after the event.


Print attendee name badges from ticket information to provide visitors with a sense of belonging from the moment they arrive at the venue.


Create a package that offers as much or as a little as the day requires - single room or multi-room; catering or not - additional requirements can all be taken care of within the same management system that controls the booking and ticketing.


Provide a bespoke attendee experience - dietary requirements, menu choices, complimentary drinks tokens - all can be attached to attendee information and accessed by scanning their ticket.

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