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Online bookings
automated entry

Stress-free solutions for you and your customers


Customers select time slots online and receive their tickets via email meaning that there is no need for printed tickets or for queueing on-site.


Select a slot and punnet size online; scan the barcode upon arrival; pick the fruit - and go. The process couldn't be simpler!


With no direct contact needed between customers and staff members, visitors can experience the traditional enjoyment of picking their own fruit safe in the knowledge that they are utilising the most hygienic system available. A ‘Green’ system for those green fields of yours, totally carbon neutral.


Effective solutions for changing times


Acts as a socially distanced measure between staff and customers.


Controls access to your farm whilst at the same time providing an improved customer experience. You can decide when you open and during what hours depending on fruit availability, weather conditions, etc.

Reduced queues/

Control visitor numbers and car parking leading to less congestion - great for your customers; great for you.


Using pre-booked access control with pre-defined time slots means there is no requirement for any manned security. No booking voucher = no entry!

/For The Environment

Paperless tickets through the scanning of barcodes from mobile phone screens maintains your 'Green' credentials.

/Time & Cost Effective

Optimises staffing levels whilst ensuring that all your customers have a pleasurable experience is a win - win.

Market leading

Merlin provides a comprehensive suite of utilities yet retains a user-friendly approach by remaining customer focused at every step. Watch this short video to see how.

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